How to Quickly Add Double Line Spaces in MS Word

Adding double line spacing in Microsoft Word is an easy way to improve readability and allow space for edits and notes. This comprehensive guide covers multiple methods to double space lines in Word documents.

Why Use Double Spacing?

Double spacing places an extra blank line between each line of text. This creates clearer visual separation between lines, making text easier to read. Reasons you may want to use double spacing include:

  • Improved readability for long documents like manuscripts or academic papers
  • Allows space for handwritten edits, comments or notes
  • Often required for academic submissions
  • Visually distinguishes draft documents

Key Benefits

  • Boosts readability
  • Provides space for annotations
  • Meets academic formatting requirements
  • Clearly indicates draft status

How To Double Space Full Documents

Applying double line spacing to an entire Word document is quick and simple. Here are 3 methods:

1. Design Tab

  • Navigate to the Design tab
  • Click Paragraph Spacing > Double

This automatically formats the whole document with double spacing.

2. Line Spacing Icon

  • Select all text (Ctrl+A)
  • Go to Home tab
  • Click the Line and Paragraph Spacing icon
  • Select 2.0 spacing

3. Styles Pane

  • Go to Home tab
  • Right click the Normal style in the Styles pane
  • Click Modify
  • Choose Double spacing
  • Click OK

This sets the Normal style to double spaced, applying consistent spacing throughout your document.

Double Spacing Part of a Document

To apply double spacing only to part of a document:

1. Select Text

Highlight the text you want to double space. This can be a few words, paragraphs, or multiple pages.

2. Line Spacing Icon

On the Home tab, click the Line and Paragraph Spacing icon and select 2.0.

3. Keyboard Shortcut

Select the text then press Ctrl+2 to instantly double space.

Removing Double Spacing

To revert back to single spacing:

  • Select the double spaced text
  • On the Home tab, click the Line and Paragraph Spacing icon
  • Select 1.0 or press Ctrl+1

Before & After Paragraph Spacing

As well as line spacing, you can adjust the spacing before and after paragraphs:

  • Select text
  • On the Home tab, click the Line and Paragraph Spacing icon
  • Select Add Space Before/After Paragraph

Tip: Use keyboard shortcuts to quickly add/remove spacing:

  • Ctrl+0 to remove spacing
  • Ctrl+5 for 1.5 line spacing
  • Ctrl+2 for double spacing


Adjusting line spacing is an effective way to improve readability in Word documents. By applying double spacing, you can boost clarity for the reader and make space for annotations during the editing process.

It’s easy to double space full documents or specific sections using the Design tab, Line Spacing icon, Styles pane or keyboard shortcuts. For academic papers, manuscripts or other formal documents, consistent double spacing looks professional and meets formatting requirements.

So if you prepare long-form documents, give double spacing a try and see if it makes reading and editing easier for you!