How to Max Out Fighting Mastery Fast in Roblox Blox Fruits Game

Fighting mastery is an important stat to level up in Roblox Blox Fruits as it increases the power and effectiveness of your fighting style. Maxing out mastery unlocks powerful new moves that can help you defeat enemies and bosses faster. This guide will provide tips on how to quickly gain mastery for fighting styles.

Fighting Styles Overview

There are currently 5 fighting styles available in Blox Fruits:

  • Combat (starting style)
  • Black Leg
  • Electro
  • Fishman Karate
  • Dragon Claw

Each fighting style has its own mastery level that goes from 1 to 600. The higher the mastery, the more damage and combo moves you unlock.

Getting to 600 mastery takes a long time, even when actively trying to level it up. Here are some methods to max out mastery fast.

Tips to Level Up Mastery Quickly

1. Kill Bosses and Strong Enemies

The most mastery experience is earned from defeating strong enemies and bosses. Gather a group to take down bosses like Bobby and Yeti faster. Solo players can server hop for Longma. Fighting these high HP bosses and rapidly attacking with your style will quickly increase mastery.

2. Enable Auto Click

Turn on auto click overnight or when AFK to automatically use your fighting style. Find a safe spot and enable auto click to keep gaining passive mastery EXP. Make sure auto farm is disabled.

3. Equip Mastery Boost Gamepass

Purchase the 2x Mastery Boost gamepass for 800 Robux. This will double all the mastery EXP you earn from enemies and bosses. Combine with the other tips here to maximize gains.

4. Use Melee Weapons

Having a strong melee weapon equipped makes it easier to land hits with your fighting style. Weapons like Dual Katana or Tridents work well. The stun from melee attacks creates openings to use fighting style moves.

5. Mob Grinding

If you get tired of repeatedly killing bosses, mob grinding is an alternative. Go to places with high spawn rates like Castle on the Sea and lure enemies together. Defeat them using fighting styles and the mastery will still quickly increase.

Fighting Style Mastery Max Level

The max mastery level for all fighting styles is 600. You stop gaining mastery EXP once you reach 600 on a style. Mastery does not decrease if you unequip the style. The mastery level will remain maxed out at 600.

Reaching max 600 mastery unlocks the final move for each fighting style, which is usually a powerful ultimate attack. Getting to 600 mastery takes hours of actively grinding, so use the tips above to speed up the process.

Closing Thoughts

And that sums up some effective methods to increase fighting style mastery fast in Blox Fruits. Boss farming is the overall best way, but the other tips can supplement gains. Maxing out mastery to 600 is well worth it to make fighting styles as strong as possible.

Let me know if you have any other good tips for gaining mastery quickly! Which fighting style was the easiest or hardest for you to max out?