How to Quickly Gain XP and Level Up Fast in Blox Fruits Game

Blox Fruits is a popular Roblox game based on the anime One Piece. In the game, you take on the role of a pirate, exploring islands, completing quests, and battling enemies. As with most RPGs, leveling up your character is essential to progressing and becoming more powerful. Here are some of the best tips and strategies for quickly gaining XP and leveling up fast in Blox Fruits.

Use XP Codes

The developers of Blox Fruits frequently release XP codes that give boosts like double XP for a limited time. Be sure to check the latest active codes and redeem them before grinding for maximum XP gains. Some popular codes include “Enyu_is_Pro”, “Sub2UncleKizaru”, and “Sub2Fer999”. You can typically find updated code lists on the Blox Fruits Twitter account or fan websites.

Complete Quests

Completing quests that NPCs give you on islands is one of the fastest ways to gain lots of XP quickly. Make sure to grab every quest you see indicated by the blue question marks above NPCs’ heads. Higher level quests on later islands tend to give more XP so they become very useful for fast leveling.

Use 2x XP Boosts

On top of XP codes, you can also activate 2x XP boosts from the in-game store. These boosts double all XP earned from quests, combat, etc for a period of time. Activate these before grinding on islands for very fast leveling, especially when combined with an XP code. They are extremely useful for quick level gains.

Farm Bosses

Defeating bosses grants lots of XP compared to normal enemies, especially high-level bosses. Bosses spawn on certain islands and show on the mini-map with skull icons. Farm these bosses as often as possible by defeating them, collecting rewards, then rejoining the server to fight them again. This boss farming method is very popular for gaining levels rapidly.

Fight Enemies In Your Level Range

As you progress to later islands, the enemies get much tougher but grant more XP. Make sure to fight enemies near your level range for the optimal balance of XP gains and clear times. Fighting enemies too far above or below your level will slow down leveling. Refer to enemy levels on the Blox Fruits wiki for guidance.

Use Fast Travel For Efficiency

Unlocking fast travel spots by visiting islands saves lots of time traveling between islands. Utilize these fast travel points frequently to cut down the wasted time sailing between islands manually. The reduced travel time means more time efficiently farming XP through combat and quests.

Play With Friends

Team up with friends to take on enemies, bosses, and quests together. Having a group makes battles go much quicker allowing you to plow through more enemies per hour. Friends can also help resurrect you which further optimizes farming times. More farming time directly correlates with faster leveling.

Equip XP Boost Accessories

As you progress, you can obtain or purchase various accessories that boost XP gained. These include items like Black Cape which gives +25% XP. Equip these XP boost accessories at all times to get easy passive XP boosts to everything you do. Every little boost adds up when power-leveling.

Awaken Fruit Abilities ASAP

When you eat powerful devil fruits, they grant special abilities that can be awakened at higher levels to become even stronger. Always prioritize awakening your fruit abilities as soon as possible for the major boost in power. These awakened destructive skills will allow you to farm enemies and bosses much quicker.

Allocate Stats Properly

Carefully plan your stat points earned when leveling up. Focus on the specific combat stats that increase your primary fighting style’s damage. For example, Sword and Melee for swordsmen builds. Avoid wasting points by spreading them too thin across too many stats. Specialized builds deal more damage allowing faster enemy clears.

By combining some of these tips like using XP codes, 2x XP boosts, partying with friends, and farming bosses, you can literally gain 5-10 levels or more per hour. Master these strategies, and you will progress through the seas and pirate ranks at a very rapid pace. Just stay focused on efficient farming and consistent leveling, and you will be max level before you know it!

Let me know if you have any other questions!