How to Remotely Track a Mobile Phone That Is Powered Off

  1. On iPhone models 12 and newer, the Find My network can detect Bluetooth signals from a turned off phone to reveal its approximate location. Older iPhones do not have this capability when turned off.
  2. Install a third party tracking app like mSpy before the phone is lost. mSpy runs in the background and syncs information like location history and battery life to its servers. This allows tracking even when the target phone is turned off. However, you need to set up mSpy beforehand.
  3. For Android devices, check your Google timeline. This shows past location history including when the device was turned on. But again, it only provides information up to when the phone was last powered on.
  4. File a police report about the lost phone. Law enforcement and mobile carriers have more advanced tracking capabilities through methods like using the phone’s IMEI number. However, success is not guaranteed and carriers may not cooperate without a legal request.

In summary, it is possible but challenging to accurately track a turned off phone. Preventative measures like Find My apps and mSpy offer the best chance to locate a device. But they still have significant limitations compared to tracking a phone that remains powered on.