How to Repair and Recover Corrupted Video and MP4 Files

Videos are precious memories that we want to cherish forever. However, video files can get corrupted or damaged due to various reasons like improper file transfer, malware attack, storage media issues, or OS crash. You may find your video file not playing, showing error messages, or playing with glitches. Don’t worry. In most cases, you can repair and recover corrupted videos with the right tools and techniques.

Common Causes of Video Corruption

Here are some of the common reasons that can corrupt your video files:

  • Sudden system shutdown: If the system shuts down abruptly while the video is still being accessed for playback or editing, it can cause file corruption.
  • Faulty storage device: Bad sectors, read/write errors, logical damage, etc. in storage devices like hard drives, memory cards can corrupt video files.
  • Virus or malware attack: Malicious programs infecting video files often corrupt them.
  • Improper video transfer: Interruption while transferring videos from camera/phone to PC or vice versa may damage files.
  • Software issues: Codec issues, video player incompatibility, corrupt video editing software can create problems.
  • Physical damage: Mishandling storage devices may cause physical damage and corrupt data.

How to Repair Corrupted Video Files

You can use the following methods to repair your corrupted videos:

1. Use Video Repair Software

Specialized video repair software like Wondershare Repairit Video Repair is the most convenient way to fix corrupted videos. They use advanced algorithms to analyze video file structure and fix issues across various levels of corruption.

Key features:

  • Fix videos not playing, showing error, black screen, etc.
  • Support file recovery from hard drives, memory cards, phones.
  • Repair MP4, MOV and 1000+ formats
  • Restore without quality loss
  • Available for Windows and Mac

It’s easy to use. Just add corrupted videos > Click repair > Preview and save.

2. Try VLC Media Player

The popular VLC player can fix slightly corrupted AVI files. To use it –

  • Rename file to .AVI
  • Go to Tools > Preferences > Input/Codecs
  • Select “Always Fix” under Damaged AVI File option

3. Convert File Format

Use video converter software to change the container format of the corrupted file. This may resolve video playback issues.

4. Use Online Repair Tools

There are a few free online tools that can repair videos up to a specific size. They work directly in the browser without needing any software download.

How to Recover Deleted or Lost Videos

If you have accidentally deleted videos or lost them due to formatting drives, you can recover using:

1. Video Recovery Software: Tools like Wondershare Recoverit specialize in deep scanning devices to retrieve permanently deleted, lost, or inaccessible videos.

2. Backup: Restore videos from backups like cloud storage, external drives.

3. Professional Data Recovery Service: Seek help from data recovery experts to recover lost videos from failed storage devices.

Tips to Avoid Video Corruption

  • Install reliable antivirus and keep it updated
  • Use compatible video player
  • Never interrupt video transfer
  • Safely eject external drives after use
  • Maintain regular backups

When to Opt for Professional Video File Recovery?

In case of severe video file corruption or loss, it is better to seek help from professional video recovery services like Stellar Data Recovery. They have class 100 clean room facilities and expert engineers to handle complex cases of logical damage, mechanical issues, etc. where regular DIY software/tools may not work.

Though video repair software and online tools work in many cases, critical video files should be handled by specialists. They can recover data from storage devices that have failed completely.


Corrupted video files can leave you disappointed. But there are many ways to fix such issues and recover lost videos with the right tools and knowledge. Specialized video repair software offers the best solution; though VLC, video converters, and online tools also work for minor corruption. Along with repairing corrupt files, it’s equally important to prevent video corruption by adopting safer practices. Lastly, for severe video loss/corruption cases, professional data recovery services prove worthwhile.