How to Schedule and Plan Video Meetings in Cisco Webex Platform

Cisco Webex is a leading video conferencing and online meeting platform used by millions of people worldwide. With Webex, you can easily schedule, host, and join meetings with HD video, audio conferencing, screen sharing, and other collaboration tools.

Getting Started with Cisco Webex

Here are the basic steps to get started with Cisco Webex:

Sign Up for a Free Account

You can sign up for a free Cisco Webex account at This gives you access to host meetings with up to 100 participants. Paid plans start at $13.50 per month with more features.

Download the Desktop and Mobile Apps

Install the Webex desktop app on your computer and the mobile app on your phone or tablet. This allows you to schedule, join, and manage meetings on any device.

Set Up Your Personal Meeting Room

Every Webex user gets a personal meeting room that acts as your virtual office. People can call you there directly anytime. Customize it by adding your name, photo, etc.

Connect a Video System (Optional)

Connect Webex to conference room video systems to extend your meeting capabilities. This allows in-person and remote attendees to join meetings together.

Scheduling Meetings in Webex

Scheduling a meeting in Webex takes just a few clicks. Here are the different ways to schedule video meetings:

From the Webex Website

  • Go to and sign in
  • Click on “Schedule Meeting” and fill in the details
  • Send invites to attendees by email

From the Webex Desktop App

  • Open the Webex desktop app and click “Schedule”
  • Enter meeting topic, date/time, etc.
  • Video systems can also be scheduled from here

From the Webex Mobile App

  • In the Webex mobile app, tap the Schedule icon
  • Enter the meeting details and invite attendees
  • Meetings can be scheduled to repeat regularly

From a Webex Space

  • Go to Messaging and select a space
  • Tap the Schedule icon and fill in info
  • The space members will receive invites

From Your Calendar

  • Open your work calendar (Outlook, Google, etc)
  • Select “Schedule Webex Meeting” to auto-fill invite
  • Just add attendees and send the meeting request

Best Practices for Scheduling Webex Meetings

Follow these tips when scheduling meetings in Webex for the best experience:

Include Meeting Agenda and Attachments

Provide an agenda and any documents or presentations to review in the meeting invite so attendees come prepared.

Test Your Setup

Make sure to test your video, audio, and screen sharing ahead of time to avoid any technical issues.

Use Meeting Templates

Create templates for different meeting types (sales meetings, training sessions etc) with your preferred settings.

Set Up Recurring Meetings

Schedule meetings to recur weekly, monthly, or whatever frequency you need using the options in Webex.

Integrate Your Calendar

Connect your Webex account to your work calendar so all meetings automatically sync both ways.

Enable Join Before Host

Allow attendees to join the meeting before you by checking this option when scheduling, so no one has to wait for you.

Assign Alternate Hosts

Select alternate hosts who can start the meeting or assist with presenting if you can’t make it.

Joining Scheduled Webex Meetings

When you or your attendees join Webex meetings, here are some tips for the best experience:

Join Early

Join a few minutes early to test your audio, video, and screen sharing to make sure everything works properly.

Mute Yourself When Not Speaking

Cut down on background noise by muting yourself when you are not actively speaking during the meeting.

Use Headphones and Webcam

For optimum sound and visual quality, use a headset and external webcam if available instead of built-in mic and camera.

Close Unnecessary Apps

Close any apps on your computer that are not needed to preserve bandwidth for the meeting.

Be Prepared to Participate

Review any documents or notes ahead of time so you are ready to actively participate in the discussion.

Follow Meeting Etiquette

Allow others to speak, avoid side conversations, and follow the meeting facilitator’s guidance.


Cisco Webex makes it simple for anyone to schedule and conduct video meetings from their desktop, mobile device, or meeting room system. Following best practices around scheduling, setup, and joining meetings will ensure you have productive and effective video conferences. With its robust set of features and integrations with popular work tools, Webex is the leading enterprise solution for online meetings, training sessions, and collaborative work.

Over 15 years experience planning and hosting webinars and video meetings using various platforms including Cisco Webex. Familiar with best practices around scheduling, meeting etiquette, and optimizing video/audio quality.