How to See Who Tagged You in Posts on Facebook

Having a Facebook account means you have a social media presence and connections with friends, family, coworkers, and more. As such, you may get tagged by some of these connections in their posts and photos. Facebook notifications alert you when you get tagged, but what if you missed the notification or want to look back on older tags? Here’s how to see exactly who tagged you in posts on Facebook.

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Check Your Notifications

The easiest way to see who recently tagged you in a Facebook post is to check your notifications. On desktop, click the globe icon in the blue navigation bar at the top and select “Notifications”. On mobile, tap the bell icon or press the “More” tab.

This shows you all your latest notifications, including when someone tags you, comments on your post, likes your content, and more. Anytime someone tags you it should show up here.

Use the Activity Log Search Bar

Facebook’s activity log records every interaction you’ve had on the platform. This includes posts you’ve been tagged in. To access it:

On desktop, click the arrow in the top right > Settings & Privacy > Activity Log.

On mobile, go to Menu > Settings & Privacy > Activity Log.

Once there, use the search bar at the top to search your name. This will show you everywhere you’ve been tagged in posts, comments, photos and more. You can also filter by date range.

Check Tags in Your Profile

Your main profile also tracks when others tag you in their posts.

On desktop:

  • Click your profile picture > View Profile
  • Scroll down to the Posts section
  • Here you’ll see posts you’ve been tagged in. Hover over them to see who tagged you.

On mobile:

  • Tap your profile picture > View Profile
  • Tap the Photos/Posts section
  • This also shows all posts you’re tagged in. Tap them to see who tagged you.

Review Older Tags in the Activity Log

As mentioned above, Facebook’s activity log contains your full history of interactions, including older tags. If you want to review tags from last month, last year, or any custom date range:

On desktop:

  • Click the arrow > Settings & Privacy > Activity Log
  • Click the date range filter and select the period you want
  • Search your name to see older tags

On mobile:

  • Go to Menu > Settings & Privacy > Activity Log
  • Tap “Date Range” and pick a custom range
  • Search yourself to reveal older tags

The activity log can show you tags going back years! It depends on your account history.

Check Tags from a Specific Person

To see if a specific friend has tagged you recently:

On desktop:

  • Go to their profile page
  • Scroll down to their Posts section
  • This will show all posts they’ve tagged you in

On mobile:

  • Go to their profile
  • Tap Posts/Photos section
  • Review posts you’re tagged in

This works for any friend or follower on Facebook.

See Tags in Groups

If someone tags you in a post or comment within a Facebook group:

On desktop:

  • Go to the group page
  • Check notifications and recent posts for your tag

On mobile:

  • Tap the group name to open it
  • Review notifications or recent posts with your tag

Group tags won’t show up in your main profile or activity log. You need to look directly in the group itself.

Adjust Tag Review Settings

You can change your Facebook settings to review tags before others see them publicly:

On desktop:

  • Click the arrow > Settings & Privacy > Settings
  • Click Timeline and Tagging
  • Enable “Review posts you’re tagged in before the post appears on your timeline”

On mobile:
Go to Menu > Settings & Privacy > Settings > Timeline and Tagging
Toggle “Review tags” on

This adds an extra step where you approve tags before they’re live. You can also disable tagging entirely here.

See Who Tagged You in Photos

Very similar to tags in posts, you can see who tagged you in Facebook photos by:

  • Checking notifications when first tagged
  • Searching your name in the activity log
  • Looking in your profile’s Photos section
  • Checking a specific friend’s photos section
  • Enabling tag review for photos in settings

The process works the same. Just look in the Photos section instead of Posts everywhere mentioned above.