How To Set Fitness and Exercise Goals on Garmin Wearable Devices

Garmin wearable devices like fitness trackers and smartwatches are excellent tools for setting and achieving fitness and exercise goals. With features like activity tracking, GPS, heart rate monitoring, and more, Garmin devices provide the data and motivation you need.

Types of Goals You Can Set

There are several types of goals you can set on your Garmin device using the Garmin Connect app or website:

Step Goals

Set a daily target for number of steps. Garmin devices track your steps automatically throughout the day.

Intensity Minutes Goals

Intensity minutes track moderate to vigorous activity. Set a weekly target based on your fitness level.

Distance Goals

Set a target distance for running, cycling, or other activities over a specific time period. Requires a device with GPS.

Time Goals

Set a goal to exercise for a target amount of hours, minutes, or sessions over a chosen timeframe.

Weight Goals

Track your weight over time and set a target weight loss goal. Requires a compatible Bluetooth scale.

Custom Workout Goals

Create a custom goal for any activity type, metric, and timeframe you want. Get very specific!

How to Set Up Goals on Garmin Connect

Setting up goals is quick and easy in the Garmin Connect app or website. Here’s how:

  1. Open Garmin Connect app or go to
  2. Tap or click on the “Goals” section
  3. Tap/click “Create a New Goal”
  4. Choose activity type
  5. Select goal type (steps, time, distance etc.)
  6. Enter your goal details and timeframe
  7. Tap/click “Save”

Once created, your goals sync to your compatible Garmin device. View progress from Garmin Connect app dashboard.

Pro Tip: For custom workout goals, choose “Custom” as the activity then select metrics like reps, sets, or duration.

Using Goals for Motivation

Setting appropriate and achievable fitness goals is invaluable for motivation. Here’s how Garmin goals can motivate you:

  • Get reminded of your goals right on your Garmin device watch face
  • View real-time progress toward your goals during activities
  • Feel a sense of accomplishment when you hit targets
  • Compete in challenges against connections for extra motivation
  • Earn badges for goal achievements
  • Monitor trends over time with data insights

Tips for Setting Effective Goals

Follow these best practices when setting goals in Garmin Connect for maximum motivation:

  • Start small – Don’t overdo it initially. Build up over time.
  • Be specific – Precisely defined goals are most effective.
  • Schedule rest – Include recovery time to prevent burnout.
  • Use multiple goals – Variety keeps things interesting long-term.
  • Re-evaluate frequently – As fitness improves, progress goals accordingly.
  • Connect with others – Compete or collaborate!

Getting More Out of Your Garmin

In addition to goals, take advantage of these other features for optimizing your Garmin experience:

Utilize training plans – Choose plans for running, cycling, even strength training. Garmin adjusts goals automatically.

Customize data screens – Display goal progress metrics front and center during activities.

Set up alerts – Get notified when you hit goal targets or need to move.

Sync to apps – Connect to apps like MyFitnessPal, Strava, and TrainingPeaks.

Explore Garmin Challenges – Discover new monthly challenges to push your limits.

Dive into the data – Analyze goal progress trends and performance analytics.

Personalize watch faces – Glanceable access to goal info.

Try new activities – Mix it up – Garmin devices track almost any sport imaginable. Snowboarding? Surfing? You name it.

Connect with the community – The blogs, forums, Facebook groups and subreddits provide tips, motivation and camaraderie.

So get out there, set some goals, and start pushing yourself farther with your Garmin wearable! Consistency and smart goal setting are keys for developing long term fitness habits. Garmin provides the tools – you provide the drive.