How to Share Video in Webex for Collaborative Meetings

Webex is a leading video conferencing and online meeting platform that makes it easy to share video content during meetings for seamless collaboration. Here is a guide on best practices for sharing video in Webex meetings.


Sharing video content during Webex meetings allows meeting participants to view videos, animations or screen recordings together. This facilitates discussion, feedback and decisions.

However, sharing videos can consume significant network bandwidth. Following best practices ensures smooth video sharing without impacting meeting quality.

Preparing to Share Video

Before sharing a video in a meeting, follow these tips:

  • Open video files before meeting: This allows faster sharing compared to searching for files after meeting starts.
  • Close unused applications: Shut down unrelated software that consumes bandwidth โ€“ email, messaging apps, etc. This preserves bandwidth for meeting.
  • Use wired network if possible: Wired networks offer better reliability and bandwidth over WiFi. Use Ethernet cable for sharing video.

Sharing Video Content

Follow these steps to share video files in a Webex meeting:

  1. Click Share Content in your meeting controls.
  2. Select Optimize for motion and video from the drop-down menu.
  3. Check Share computer audio if your video has audio.
  4. Select the video file and click Share.

The video sharing window allows you to pause, rewind or fast forward the video as you present it.

Video Sharing Best Practices

Follow these tips for smooth video sharing:

  • Use 480p resolution: Webex downscales higher resolution videos to 480p during sharing. Keep shared videos at or below 480p resolution.
  • Share short clips: Pick relevant sections instead of full videos to minimize duration. Long videos can impact meeting quality.
  • Pause sharing when not presenting: Pause sharing if you need to switch focus to other content. Resume when ready to discuss the video again.
  • Share audio cautiously: Sharing computer audio should be avoided unless necessary since it consumes double bandwidth.

Troubleshooting Issues

Some common issues faced while sharing videos and their solutions:

  • Video not shared: Ensure Optimize for motion and video option is selected before sharing.
  • Video plays without audio: Check Share computer audio option is enabled while sharing the video.
  • Video quality poor: Lower resolution if the meeting connection is slow/unreliable. Or share shorter clips.
  • Sharing fails mid-meeting: Close other applications to free up bandwidth for sharing. Or share over wired network if possible.


Sharing videos during Webex meetings helps drive richer conversations and decisions. Following the best practices around preparation, actual sharing and troubleshooting will ensure seamless video collaboration without impacting meeting quality for participants. Carefully managing video resolution, duration and audio sharing are key to a great session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions around sharing video in Webex meetings:

What is the maximum resolution supported for shared video?

The maximum resolution supported is 480p (640 x 480 pixels). Webex downscales any higher resolution videos during sharing.

Can I share video from my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, Webex allows sharing your device screen from iOS or Android mobile devices into the meeting.

Is there a limit on video file size for sharing?

Yes, maximum file size supported is 2 GB due to distribution limitations. Ensure shared video files are under 2 GB.

Can I share my webcam video instead of a file?

Yes, click on the camera icon in your meeting controls and choose your webcam to share live video feed into the meeting.

Can I share the audio along with my shared video?

Yes, check the Share Computer Audio option to share audio track along with your video file to meeting participants.