How to Stop and Disable Hosting Game Streams in Parsec App

  • Open Parsec, go to Settings > Host, and select “Disable” to stop hosting. This will prevent others from connecting.
  • You can also stop hosting by simply shutting down your computer. This will disconnect any connected players.
  • On the web client, you can click “Stop Hosting” to end the session.

Security and Permissions

  • Parsec aims to be secure – connections are peer-to-peer and encrypted, so Parsec cannot see your data.
  • As a host, you need to manually approve each person trying to connect. This gives you control over who accesses your computer.
  • You can set an approved apps list so guests can only see/interact with certain games or apps.

Improving Performance and Quality

  • Performance depends mainly on the host computer’s specs and internet connection quality.
  • On the client side, try enabling “Prefer 4:4:4 Color” and “Constant FPS” in Parsec’s settings.
  • Lowering streaming resolution on the host can help with quality issues.

Advanced Settings

  • The “app_host” setting can be set to 0 to fully disable hosting capabilities.
  • Port forwarding can help with connectivity issues. UDP port range starts at 0 by default.

In summary, hosting control and security is in the hands of the host user. Disabling hosting, restricting app access, and carefully approving connections allows you to securely stop streaming when desired.