How To Take Screenshots of Instagram Posts on Mobile

  • No, Instagram does not send any notifications when you screenshot regular posts, stories, profiles, or direct messages. The original poster will not know you took a screenshot.

The only exception is if you screenshot disappearing photos/videos sent through Instagram’s Vanish mode in direct messages. In this case, the sender will be notified.

How can you screenshot an Instagram post?
On Android:

  • Simultaneously press and hold the Power and Volume down buttons. The screenshot will save to your phone’s Gallery.

On iPhone:

  • For iPhone X and later: simultaneously press the side/power button and up volume button.
  • For older iPhones: simultaneously press the home button and power/side button.

The screenshot will save to your Camera Roll.

You can also use third party apps like Screenshot Easy to take screenshots. Some apps provide additional editing tools.

How can you avoid Instagram screenshot notifications?

  • Put your phone on airplane mode before taking a screenshot of a disappearing message. Instagram cannot detect your action without an internet connection.
  • Use the Instagram website on a computer to screenshot messages. Notifications are not sent for screenshots taken on the web version.
  • Screen record the disappearing message instead of screenshotting. The sender will not receive any alert.

In summary, feel free to screenshot Instagram posts and stories as you wish. But be ethical and respect others’ privacy. Only take screenshots when appropriate and never share private content without permission. Use extra caution with disappearing messages.