How To Uncheck All in Notion: Streamlining Your Notion Workspace

Notion is an incredibly versatile workspace that allows you to organize your life. From personal task management to large-scale project collaboration, Notion can do it all. However, with great flexibility comes great complexity. Over time, your Notion workspace can become cluttered and overwhelming.

The good news is that Notion offers powerful tools to help you streamline your workspace. One simple yet effective way to clean things up is by unchecking all checkboxes at once. Here’s how to do it and why it matters.

Why Uncheck All in Notion

Notion uses checkboxes extensively for task management. You can create simple to-do lists, kanban boards, project trackers and more using checkboxes.

Over time, accumulating checked-off items can create noise and hide what’s currently actionable. Bulk unchecking clears out the clutter, bringing your active tasks front and center.

Unchecking everything also allows you to periodically “reset” your tasks. This gives you a clean slate to reprioritize and refocus.

Benefits include:

  • Declutter your workspace
  • Focus on current tasks
  • Reprioritize as needed
  • Start fresh with a clean task list

How To Uncheck All in Notion

Unchecking all checkboxes in Notion takes just a click or two. Here are the steps:

On Desktop

  1. Select the page with checkboxes you want to clear.
  2. Click the ellipsis (...) menu.
  3. Choose “Clear all checked”.

All checkboxes on the page will instantly become unchecked.

On Mobile

  1. Tap the overflow menu (3 dots icon).
  2. Select “Clear all checked”.

Just like that, all checked boxes will become unchecked.

And that’s all there is to it! This simple trick can save you tons of clicking. It’s great for tidying up your workspace and starting fresh.

Advanced Tips for Managing Checkboxes

Beyond bulk unchecking, there are a few other handy ways to work with checkboxes in Notion:

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Command/Ctrl + Click checkbox to quickly check/uncheck
  • Option/Alt + Click to check ALL checkboxes
  • Option/Alt + Click a checked box to uncheck all


  • Count checked/unchecked boxes
  • Display checkboxes as progress bar
  • Show checkboxes as a percentage


  • Filter by checked/unchecked
  • Group by checked/unchecked status


  • Clear checked boxes automatically with a trigger
  • Append unchecked tasks to another page

Explore these advanced features for even more control over your Notion tasks.

Streamline Your Workspace Further

Unchecking all checkboxes is one of many ways to streamline your Notion workspace. Here are some more tips:

Organize Pages

Group related pages in nested collections. Use color coding for quick identification.

Filter Views

Create filtered views to focus on current tasks, high priorities, assigned to you and more.

Consolidate Tasks

Centralize tasks from projects and notes pages into a master task database.

Schedule Reminders

Set reminders for upcoming to-dos so you never miss a task.

Automate Workflows

Connect to tools like Zapier and Integromat to automate repetitive work.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn shortcuts to navigate and modify pages faster.

The result is a clean, organized system where important tasks and projects get the attention they deserve.

Recap and Next Steps

Unchecking all in Notion is a simple way to tidy up your workspace. To recap:

  • Accumulating checked tasks creates clutter
  • Bulk uncheck to declutter and focus on current work
  • Use the “Clear all checked” button on desktop and mobile
  • Explore advanced features for even more control

Next, put these Notion organization tips into action to build your streamlined, productivity powerhouse workspace.

What techniques do you use to stay organized in Notion? Share your favorite tips in the comments below!