How to Unlock and Play Fortnite Save the World PVE Game Mode

Fortnite’s Save the World is a PVE (player vs environment) game mode where you team up with other players to build fortified structures and traps to defend objectives against waves of AI enemies. Here’s everything you need to know about unlocking and playing this unique Fortnite game mode.

Unlocking Save the World

Save the World is not free and must be purchased to play. Here are the different ways to unlock access:

  • Purchase the Save the World Quest Pack from the Item Shop for $8.99. This pack includes daily login rewards and challenges to earn up to 1000 V-Bucks.
  • Buy a Founder’s Pack which unlocks additional heroes, weapons, and bonuses. However, Founder’s Packs are currently unavailable for purchase.
  • Receive a friend code from an existing Save the World player. Friend codes provide full access if redeemed.

Once unlocked, Save the World can be accessed from the Discover tab on the Fortnite mode select screen. Add it to your favorites for quick access.

Navigating the Save the World Menu

The Save the World menu has several key sections:

  • Campaign Map: Select story missions and side quests across different zones. New areas unlock by progressing through the story.
  • Event Quests: Limited-time quest lines that reward event-exclusive heroes and weapons.
  • Command: Manage squads, research trees, expeditions and more.
  • Armory: Customize loadouts with heroes, weapons, traps and survivors. Level them up to increase power.
  • Store: Spend gold, vBucks and event tickets earned in-game on items like heroes, weapons and loot llamas.
  • Quests: Daily quests that reward gold and event tickets.
  • Collection Book: Slot unwanted items for rewards over time. Items slotted cannot be recovered.

Core Save the World Gameplay

The core Save the World gameplay revolves around building defenses and traps to protect objectives from waves of husk enemies. Here are the basics:


  • Join story, event quests or side missions via the campaign map.
  • Missions have primary objectives like defending survivors or destroying enemy encampments.
  • Each mission generates a procedural map with random objectives and husk spawn locations.


  • Gather building materials by searching objects like cars, trees and rocks.
  • Build walls, floors, stairs and roofs to create fortified defenses around an objective.
  • Craft and place traps like wall spikes, floor launchers and gas traps to damage husks.


  • Use ranged and melee weapons to defeat husks. Weapons come in varieties like assault rifles, shotguns, swords and scythes.
  • Play as different classes of heroes with unique combat abilities. Heroes specialize in offense, defense, support or exploration.
  • Level up and evolve weapons and heroes to increase health, damage and unlock new skills.


  • Play solo or in a squad with up to 3 other players for harder challenges.
  • Effective team composition and communication is key to succeeding in difficult missions.
  • Share resources with teammates to build bigger, more elaborate forts and trap tunnels.


As you complete missions, your power level increases, unlocking harder missions with greater rewards. Here are other key progression systems:

Skill Trees: Spend research points earned from missions to unlock stat boosts and new abilities in 4 different skill trees.

Squads: Slot survivors with matching personalities in squads to earn stat boosts, like increased health or shield capacity.

Quests: Complete daily quests to earn seasonal Gold currency and Event Tickets used to acquire limited-time items.

Is Save the World Worth Playing?

Save the World provides a unique tower defense-style experience that sets it apart from Battle Royale. Fighting alongside a team against hordes of husks can be intense and challenging.

The building and combat mechanics are more complex compared to Battle Royale. Mastering the weapon perks, trap combinations and hero abilities takes time but allows for emergent gameplay.

However, the PVE mode doesn’t receive updates as frequently and has a smaller player base. The repetitive mission objectives and grindy progression may not appeal to some players.

But for players interested in a co-op PVE experience with base building and tower defense elements, Save the World provides great value. Experimenting with weapon/trap synergies and fort designs keeps the gameplay feeling fresh.

The PVE mode can also be a good way to practice building and combat mechanics against predictable AI enemies before jumping into the chaos of Battle Royale matches.

So if you enjoy co-op survival games and have extra money to spend, unlocking Fortnite’s Save the World PVE mode provides a deep, challenging experience separate from Battle Royale.