How to Use and Set Waypoints on the Map in Minecraft Game


Waypoints are markers that you can place on your map in Minecraft to keep track of important locations. They allow you to easily navigate back to your base, villages, mines, or any other place you want to mark.

Waypoints are extremely useful for not getting lost in the vast world of Minecraft. In this guide, I will cover everything you need to know about using and setting waypoints on maps in Minecraft.

Enabling Waypoints in Minecraft

By default, waypoints are not enabled in the vanilla version of Minecraft. To use waypoints, you need to install a mod or datapack that adds this functionality. Some popular options are:

  • Xaero’s Minimap – A customizable minimap mod that has robust waypoint support. One of the most popular options.
  • JourneyMap – Another popular minimap mod with waypoint capabilities.
  • Waystones – A standalone mod that adds physical waystones and waypoints.
  • Ingame Waypoints – A datapack that adds the ability to set waypoints without any mods.

I will be using Xaero’s Minimap in the examples below, but most waypoint mods work similarly. Be sure to correctly install the mod or datapack you want to use first.

Creating Waypoints

Once you have a suitable waypoint mod installed, creating a waypoint is simple:

  • Press B – This instantly creates a waypoint at your current location with default settings.
  • Open Waypoint GUI – Each mod has a GUI menu for managing waypoints. This allows customizing name, icon, color etc.
  • Teleport to Location – Create a waypoint by teleporting to a location then opening the waypoint GUI there.

The easiest option is pressing B. A waypoint with the default name and icon will be created wherever you stand.

You can also teleport or travel to an important location then open the waypoint GUI to create one there. This allows immediately customizing the name and other settings.

Customizing Waypoints

Waypoints created by pressing B will use default settings. To customize:

  • Name – Give each waypoint a descriptive, unique name to identify important locations.
  • Icon – Change the icon that displays on the map for quick identification.
  • Color – Set a color for the waypoint to stand out on your map and in-world.
  • Groups – Organize related waypoints into groups that can be toggled on/off together.

Taking a few seconds to rename, pick a fitting icon, and set a color will go a long way to keep your waypoints useful. Grouping related ones like different village houses also helps.

Interacting With Waypoints

Once you have some waypoints set up, here is how to use them:

  • View on Map – Open your map (M key) to see your waypoints marked with their icons and colors.
  • View In-Game – When enabled, waypoints show a beam and label when looking towards their location.
  • Teleport – Some waypoint mods let you instantly teleport to the waypoint’s location.
  • Toggle Visibility – Individual waypoints and entire groups can be toggled invisible while keeping them available.

The map gives an overview of all your waypoints, while the in-game display lets you see the nearest one. Teleporting and toggling visibility helps manage which ones you need at the moment.

Waypoint Tips and Tricks

Here are some additional tips for using waypoints effectively:

  • Place them liberally whenever you find a spot you may want to return to. They are free to create and manage.
  • Use descriptive names like “Jungle Temple” or “Village Library House”. Avoid non-specific names like “Base 2”.
  • Set portal waypoints on both sides of nether/end portals to link them.
  • Use grouping by dimension to toggle the whole overworld/nether/end visible separately.
  • Disable death waypoints after recovering your items if you don’t need them.


Waypoints are an invaluable navigation tool in the expansive world of Minecraft. Using a suitable waypoint mod or datapack unlocks powerful capabilities for mapping and travelling around your world.

Creative use of naming, icons, colors, and grouping takes your waypoint system to the next level. Mastering waypoints will let you boldly explore, confident you can always find your way back home.

So install a waypoint addon that fits your needs, start marking key spots, and never get lost in the infinite worlds of Minecraft again!