How to Use Consumable Skill Cards in Persona 5 RPG Game

Skill Cards are special items in Persona 5 that allow you to teach skills to your Personas that they normally cannot learn. Each Skill Card contains a specific skill that can be given to one of Joker’s Personas. This allows you to customize your Personas with skills that suit your playstyle.

How to Get Skill Cards

There are several ways to obtain Skill Cards:

  • Find them in treasure chests in Palaces and Mementos
  • Receive them as rewards for completing Confidant requests
  • Steal them from enemies through negotiation
  • Create them by sacrificing Personas through electric chair execution in the Velvet Room (requires specific Personas and materials)
  • Purchase them from shops after unlocking a certain Confidant rank

The rarest and most powerful Skill Cards come from electric chair executions and negotiations.

Using Skill Cards

To use a Skill Card:

  1. Open the menu and go to the Items section
  2. Select the Skill Card you want to use
  3. Use the card on the Persona you want to learn that skill

Note that if the target Persona already has all skill slots filled, you’ll need to delete an existing skill first before teaching the new skill.

Recommended Skill Cards

Some of the most useful Skill Cards to obtain are:

  • Support skills like Heat Riser, Debilitate, Charge
  • Strong elemental magic attacks like Maziodyne, Mafreidyne
  • Passive skills like Firm Stance, Ali Dance
  • Rare skills like Black Viper, Victory Cry

Prioritize getting Skill Cards that complement your playstyle or shore up weaknesses in your current Persona lineup.

In Summary

  • Skill Cards allow you to customize your Personas’ skills
  • Obtain them through various means like electric chair execution, negotiation, requests
  • Use the cards on your Personas to teach new skills
  • Get Skill Cards that synergize with your playstyle for maximum impact

Let me know if you have any other questions!