How to Use Different Fonts and Typefaces in Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have become an integral part of the Instagram experience, allowing users to share photos, videos, and messages that disappear after 24 hours. With over 500 million daily users, Stories have huge potential for engagement and reach.

One way to make your Stories stand out is through creative use of fonts and typefaces. Instagram offers several built-in font options, but you can also use third-party apps and tools to access a wider variety of fonts.

Here is a guide on how to use different fonts and typefaces in your Instagram Stories:

Built-In Instagram Fonts

Instagram currently provides nine font options for Stories:

  • Classic
  • Modern
  • Neon
  • Typewriter
  • Strong
  • Comic Sans-style
  • Italic serif
  • All-caps sans serif
  • Regular serif

You can easily switch between these fonts when adding text to a Story:


  1. Open the Instagram app and tap on your profile picture to access Stories
  2. Capture or upload a photo/video for your Story
  3. Tap the text icon (Aa) in the top right corner
  4. Type your text, then tap on the font name at the top of the keyboard to toggle between different fonts

The fonts have various built-in styles like bold, italics, highlights and shadows that you can experiment with.

Play around with different font and style combinations to find ones that suit your brand’s visual identity. Using distinctive fonts is an easy way to achieve a cohesive look across your Stories.

Access Additional Fonts

While Instagram offers a decent font selection, you may want to use a specific font that matches your brand guidelines.

The good news is you can access virtually any font for your Stories with the help of third-party apps and tools. Here are some options:

1. Phonto

Phonto is a popular app providing over 400 fonts, including an option to install and use your own custom fonts.

To use a custom font from Phonto:

  • Install and open Phonto
  • Upload the image/video for your Story
  • Tap the text option and type your text
  • Go to “My Fonts” to select your uploaded custom font
  • Customize the text and save your image
  • Post the exported image to your Instagram Story

2. Fonts App

The Fonts app offers a special Instagram-compatible keyboard so you can directly type in different stylish fonts before sharing to Stories. It costs $9.99 to unlock all font options.

3. Online Font Generators

You can also use free online font generators like LingoJam, FontSpace, and FontVilla to create stylized text, copy it, and paste it over your Story images in a design app.

This takes a bit more effort than the one-tap font change in Instagram, but gives you endless font possibilities.

4. Design Apps

Apps like Canva, Over, Adobe Spark and Typorama let you customize Story images with a wide selection of fonts before exporting them to Instagram.

So if you want to use a specific font for consistency, third-party apps open up a world of typographic options!

Tips for Using Fonts in Stories

When using custom fonts in your Instagram Stories, keep these tips in mind:

Choose distinctive fonts: Pick fonts that stand out from Instagram’s default options. Use a font that aligns with your brand identity for consistency.

Limit text: Instagram Stories allow up to 125 characters of text per image/video. Keep your text concise and impactful.

Check legibility: Certain ornate font styles can be difficult to read. Make sure to pick fonts that are legible at smaller sizes.

Be consistent: Stick to one or two brand fonts across your Stories to maintain visual cohesion.

Use responsibly: Avoid overusing fancy fonts to keep your Stories looking classy. Use them to highlight key text/quotes rather than whole paragraphs.

Follow brand guidelines: Does your brand have specific fonts or typography guidelines? Using your official brand fonts is a great way to reinforce visual identity.

Preview before posting: Preview how your font looks on the full-screen Story before posting. Zoom in to check legibility.

Promote other content: Add links, locations and mentions to your Stories to drive traffic to your website, online store or other profiles.

Maximizing Reach With Instagram Stories

Crafting eye-catching, engaging Stories is crucial for reaching a wider Instagram audience.

Here are some best practices to boost views and engagement on your Story content:

Post consistently: Share Stories 1-2 times daily to build audience expectation. Consistency is key!

Post at optimal times: Track analytics to determine when your followers are most active on Instagram. Post your biggest Stories during peak hours.

Use relevant hashtags: Include 2-3 popular hashtags in your Stories to get discovered by more users searching those tags.

@mention partners: Give partners and collaborators a shoutout with @mentions to potentially reach their audience as well.

Re-share user content: Repost compelling user-generated content related to your brand with their permission. This adds authenticity.

Add interactive stickers: Quizzes, polls, questions and emoji sliders are a huge hit. They can boost reply rates by up to 95%!

Retain viewers: Upload visually striking content in the first few frames before they skip ahead. Then present your message/offer at the end to retain viewers.

Measure analytics: Check Story metrics in Instagram Insights to find out which types of content gets the most views. Then make more of that!

Advertise: Promote your best-performing organic Stories as ads to multiply reach. Perfect for sales, product launches and events!

As you can see, Instagram Stories open up a whole world of creative branding, engagement and promotions.

Strategically using different fonts and typefaces is an impactful way to visually distinguish your Story content from others.

So try out the built-in fonts, install custom fonts with third-party apps, consistently post captivating Stories, and watch your Instagram presence thrive!