How to View and Check Who Has Joined Your Roblox Multiplayer Game Server


Roblox is a popular online game platform that allows users to create and share their own multiplayer games. As the creator of a Roblox game, you may want to know who is playing your game at any given time. This can help you understand your player base, spot issues in your game, or simply see who is online.

There are a few different methods you can use to view and check the players that have joined your Roblox game server. This article will walk through these options.

Using the In-Game Player List GUI

The easiest way to see who is on your server is by enabling the in-game Player List GUI. This automatically displays a scrollable list of all the players currently in your game server.

To enable the Player List GUI:

  • Insert a ScreenGui object into StarterGui in your game
  • Insert a ScrollingFrame and name it PlayerList
  • Insert a TextButton into the ScrollingFrame and name it PlayerButton
  • Add a script to the ScreenGui that handles cloning the button for each player

Here is sample code:

local Players = game:GetService("Players")


  local button = script.Parent.PlayerList.PlayerButton:Clone()
  button.Parent = script.Parent.PlayerList
  button.Text = player.Name


This will create a new text button with each player’s name whenever someone joins the server.

Checking via Roblox API

You can also leverage Roblox’s API to retrieve a list of players on your game server.

To do this:

  • Enable API access in your game’s configuration
  • Make an HTTP request to{gameid}/servers/Public
  • The response JSON will include player IDs and current player count

For example:

  "playerTokens": [
  "players": 2 

You can then match the player tokens to usernames to see who is online.

Using External Tools

There are also browser extensions and external tools you can use to view players on your server:

  • Roblox Server Finder – Chrome extension that finds servers and shows player names
  • RoSearcher – Searches through game servers to find a specific player
  • GameAnalytics – Analytics platform with real-time player monitoring

These tools connect to Roblox’s API or scrape data available in the game client to provide player information.

Checking Recent Players

Even if you can’t view the exact live player list, your Roblox game server does track recent players.

You can access this information by publishing a GetRecentPlayerAsync remote event from ServerScriptService. When called on the client it will return basic details on up to 10 recent players.

Player Connection Events

Finally, you can simply listen for player connection events in your scripts:

local Players = game:GetService("Players")

  print(player.Name .. " joined the server")

  print(player.Name .. " left the server")  

This will output to the console whenever a player joins or leaves the game server.


Monitoring who is connecting to your Roblox game server is important for debugging, improving gameplay, and understanding your players.

There are a few handy tools and methods built into Roblox for checking your current and recent players. Enabling the in-game Player List GUI provides the easiest way to directly see anyone on your server.

Additionally, leveraging the Roblox API, analytics platforms, browser extensions, and player events allows you to access and track player data in real-time or historically. Use these tips to better view and manage players across your multiplayer game servers.