How to View Blocked Instagram Accounts

Instagram allows users to block other accounts in order to restrict unwanted interactions. When you block someone on Instagram, they can no longer view your profile, posts, or stories. Similarly, if someone blocks you, you won’t be able to view their content or interact with them.

While blocking cuts off communication in both directions, you may still want to view a blocked account for various reasons. Here are some methods to view blocked Instagram accounts and their content:

Check From a Different Account

The easiest way to view a blocked Instagram account is by logging into a different account that is not blocked. For example:

  • Log out of your blocked account
  • Log into a secondary account that can still access the blocked profile
  • Search for and view the blocked profile as normal

You will be able to see all of their public posts and stories. However, you won’t see any private content or be able to interact with the profile.

Pros: Simple, works for public content
Cons: Need access to another account, limited functionality

Use a Web Browser

Instagram’s website functions a bit differently than the mobile app when it comes to blocked accounts. You may be able to view a blocked profile from a desktop web browser:

  • Go to and log in
  • Search for the username of the blocked account
  • If you can see their profile and posts, they haven’t blocked you on web
  • If their profile says “No Posts Yet”, they likely blocked you

Pros: Easy to try, view public posts
Cons: Doesn’t work if blocked on web too

Check Comments and Tags

Even if someone blocks you, your existing comments and tags on their posts will not be deleted. You can use this to detect if you’ve been blocked:

  • Go to a post where you previously commented
  • If your comment is missing, you have likely been blocked by that user
  • You can also tag a blocked person and see if the tag fails to confirm

Pros: Confirms you are blocked
Cons: Time consuming, only works if previous interactions

Use Shared Media

If you and a blocked user are both tagged in the same post or group chat, you may be able to access their profile that way.

  • Open a group chat or post where you are both tagged
  • Tap on the blocked user’s name or tag
  • This could open their profile if restrictions don’t apply there

Pros: Creative approach
Cons: Situation specific, privacy restrictions may still block

Search from Friends’ Accounts

If you and the blocked user have mutual friends, you can ask those friends to check if your profile is visible.

  • Ask a mutual friend to search for your username
  • If they can see your profile, you haven’t been blocked
  • If your profile is invisible or shows zero posts, you have likely been blocked

Pros: Confirm you are blocked
Cons: Involves others, limited functionality

Use Secondary Apps

There are third-party Instagram apps that can sometimes bypass blocks and access restricted profiles. For example:

  • Apps like Unblockgram and Unblock Box may work
  • Search for the blocked username in the app
  • If the profile and posts are visible, the block was bypassed

Pros: Easy if the apps work
Cons: Apps frequently stop working as Instagram patches holes

Create a Secondary Account

If you want to discretely follow someone who blocked your main account, create a secondary account.

  • Sign up for a new Instagram account
  • Use a different name and email address
  • Follow the person who blocked you

Pros: Allows you to reopen communication
Cons: Time consuming, they could block you again

Adjust Your Own Privacy Settings

Rather than viewing someone else’s blocked account, you can adjust your own privacy settings to limit unwanted interactions:

  • Make your account private in settings
  • Restrict unwanted interactions in privacy settings
  • Block or restrict persistent accounts harassing you

Pros: Puts you back in control
Cons: Doesn’t allow you to view blocked accounts

Respect Boundaries

If someone has gone so far as to block you on Instagram, it’s best to respect their boundaries:

  • Don’t pursue viewing their account if you’ve been blocked
  • Reflect on what may have prompted them to block you
  • Move on and focus positive interactions with others

Pros: Shows maturity and respect
Cons: You remain blocked with no access

The methods shown here reveal various ways to view blocked Instagram accounts, each with their own pros and cons. However, if you’ve been blocked it’s often best to respect that decision and move forward positively. Don’t let blocking or being blocked dominate your social media experience.