How to View Photos Stored in Amazon Photos App on Echo Show Screen

The Amazon Echo Show is a smart display that allows you to view photos from the Amazon Photos app right on its screen. This is a great way to turn your Echo Show into a digital photo frame to display your favorite pictures. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to view photos stored in the Amazon Photos app on an Echo Show screen:

Set Up the Amazon Photos App

The first step is to set up the Amazon Photos app and upload some photos:

  • Download and install the Amazon Photos app on your phone or tablet from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. You can also access Amazon Photos from your desktop web browser.
  • Sign into the Amazon Photos app using your Amazon account credentials.
  • Enable Auto-Save in the app’s settings to automatically upload photos and videos from your camera roll. You can also manually upload specific photos.
  • Upload photos and videos you want to view on your Echo Show to Amazon Photos. This includes creating albums to organize your photos.

Tip: Amazon Prime members get unlimited full-resolution photo storage with Amazon Photos. Non-Prime members get 5 GB of storage.

Connect Amazon Photos to Your Echo Show

Once you have photos uploaded to Amazon Photos, you need to connect it to your Echo Show:

  • On your Echo Show screen, swipe down from the top and tap on Settings.
  • Select Clock & Photo Display.
  • Tap on Amazon Photos.
  • Tap on the albums or photos you want to display on the Echo Show. You can select multiple albums/photos.
  • Finally, tap Save to save your selections.

The photos and albums you selected will now display on your Echo Show screen and automatically rotate.

Viewing Photos on Echo Show Screen

With Amazon Photos now connected to your Echo Show, you have multiple ways to view your photos:

  • Automatic rotating display – The photos you selected will automatically rotate on the Echo Show home screen.
  • Voice commands – Use Alexa voice commands like “Alexa, show my photos” or “Alexa, show beach vacation album”.
  • Touch controls – On the Echo Show screen, you can swipe left/right to change photos or tap a photo to pause/zoom.

Pro tip: Create a separate album in Amazon Photos called “Echo Show” to select photos you specifically want displayed.

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips for viewing Amazon Photos on an Echo Show:

  • Use the Amazon Photos app to add or remove photos from albums connected to your Echo Show. The updates will reflect automatically.
  • Under Echo Show Home Content settings, disable weather, headlines, etc. to only see photos.
  • Use the “Photo Frame” mode on Echo Show to hide all interface elements and just view photos.
  • Connect multiple accounts like Facebook to add even more photos.
  • Share albums or photos with family and they can view them on their own Echo Show.

So in summary, the major steps are to set up Amazon Photos, connect it to your Echo Show, select albums/photos to display, and then view your photos using various methods like voice commands, touch controls, and more. The Echo Show makes an excellent digital photo frame for your favorite pictures when connected to Amazon Photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about viewing Amazon Photos on an Echo Show:

What photos can I view on the Echo Show?

You can view any photos or videos uploaded to your Amazon Photos account. This includes albums you create or the automatically generated albums like “Recents”.

Can I view Facebook photos on the Echo Show?

Yes, you can connect your Facebook account in the Alexa app under Photos settings. This will allow you to view your Facebook albums on the Echo Show.

How do I select which photos display on my Echo Show?

When you connect Amazon Photos, you can select individual photos or whole albums to display on your Echo Show. Tap the photos/albums you want to display before saving your selections.

Why can’t I view all my Amazon Photos?

To prevent certain private photos from displaying, make sure to select a specific Echo Show album vs. “All Photos”. You can also disconnect Facebook or phone photo access.

How do I zoom in on a photo on the Echo Show?

While a photo is displayed, tap on the photo, then tap on the zoom icon to zoom in. You can pan around the zoomed image and pinch/spread to zoom in/out further.


The Echo Show makes for an excellent digital photo frame to automatically display your favorite photos from Amazon Photos and other services. With just a few taps, you can select albums, customize what displays, use voice commands, and more. So if you want to get more enjoyment out of your Echo Show screen with some great memories, connect your Amazon Photos account today.