Marco Polo Video Chat App: How To Apply Filters to Your Camera

Marco Polo is a popular video chat app that allows you to have video conversations with friends and family. One fun feature of Marco Polo is the ability to apply filters to your camera while recording videos. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to use filters in Marco Polo.

What are Filters in Marco Polo?

Filters in Marco Polo allow you to alter the look and feel of your camera feed before sending a video message or “Polo” to your friends. There are various filters you can choose from, including:

  • Natural – No filter applied
  • Pop Art – Applies a comic book style filter
  • America – Gives your camera feed an old-timey faded look
  • Movie Star – Converts your camera to black and white
  • Unicorn – Adds cute animated unicorn horns and ears

These filters can add some fun effects to your Polos. You can browse through the different options and pick one that matches your mood or complements your surroundings.

How to Apply Filters in Marco Polo

Applying filters in Marco Polo is very easy to do. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open a Marco Polo conversation with a friend or group
  2. Tap the unicorn icon in the bottom left corner
  3. Select “Filters”
  4. Swipe horizontally to browse the different filters
  5. Tap on a filter to preview and select it

Once you’ve chosen a filter, it will be applied to your camera. You can now record a video message with your altered camera feed. The filter will remain enabled until you manually turn it off.

You can change filters at any time, even mid-video. Marco Polo makes it seamless to switch between filters on the fly.

Creative Uses for Marco Polo Filters

Beyond just adding some visual flare to your videos, here are some creative ways you can utilize Marco Polo’s filters:

Theme Your Videos

Pick a filter that matches the vibe of your surroundings. For example, use the Pop Art filter if you’re at a comic convention or the America filter if you’re at a patriotic event.

Disguise Your Location

Enable a filter that obscures or alters the background so friends can’t guess where you are. The Movie Star filter works great for this.

Alter Your Appearance

Filters like Unicorn and Pop Art will transform your look into something silly or fun. Surprise your friends with a temporary makeover!

Enhance Mood

If you want to set a specific tone for a serious or emotional conversation, filters can help convey that through visuals.

Marco Polo Filter Tips

Here are some handy tips to get the most out of Marco Polo’s filters:

  • Get creative and make up stories to go along with each filter persona
  • Change filters multiple times within a single video
  • Use filters during Marco Polo group chats to amuse everyone
  • Combine filters with Marco Polo’s other creative tools like drawings and text
  • Turn filters on right before sending a Polo for a dramatic revealing effect
  • Disable filters before ending a video if you want your real face to sign off


Marco Polo’s filters unlock creative possibilities that bring an engaging new element to your video conversations. With just a few taps in the app, you can alter your appearance in fun ways that will make your friends and family smile. Marco Polo removes friction from video chatting, and filters are just one feature that demonstrates the app’s commitment to enabling meaningful connections.

So next time you open Marco Polo to send a video message, don’t forget to scroll through those filters and find your perfect look!