Rise of Kingdoms: How to Get Teleports

Rise of Kingdoms is a popular mobile strategy game where you build cities, raise armies, and battle other players. Teleports are extremely useful items in Rise of Kingdoms that allow you to instantly transport your troops across the map. This article will explain the different ways to obtain teleports in Rise of Kingdoms.

Using Gems to Purchase Teleports

The most straightforward way to get teleports is to purchase them directly with gems. Here are the options:

  • Individual Teleports – You can buy 1 teleport for 100 gems in the Items store. This allows you to teleport a single army one time.
  • Teleport Packs – More cost-effective packs are available that give you multiple teleports at a discounted gem price. For example, the $10 pack includes 5 teleports.
  • VIP Teleports – If you have VIP status from purchasing a monthly gem supply, you unlock VIP teleport items. At VIP 10, you get 5 free teleports per day.

Purchasing teleports with gems is the quickest way to get them. But it can get expensive buying too many individual teleports. The packs offer much better value. Getting VIP status also pays off in the long run from the free daily teleports.

Earning Teleports from Events

Another way to obtain teleports is to earn them from seasonal events. Here are some of the recurring events that provide teleports:

  • Ark of Osiris – Participating in this competitive event can award teleport rewards like 1-hour and 8-hour teleports. The higher your alliance ranks, the more teleports you earn.
  • Karauk Ceremony – During this tribal festival, you can exchange tribal coins earned from barbarian forts for chests containing random rewards like teleports.
  • Lohar’s Trial – This barbarian-themed event includes teleport rewards for completing stages. You receive 3-hour and 8-hour teleports.
  • Ceroli Crisis – By battling barbarian bosses during this event, you have chances to win teleport chests after victories containing 1-hour and 8-hour teleports.

Events are a solid way for free-to-play players to stock up on teleports. But rewards rely heavily on RNG, so drops are not guaranteed. Playing actively during events is key.

Alliance Gifts and Expedition Rewards

Joining an active alliance unlocks additional teleport sources from alliance systems:

  • Alliance Gifts – Allies can send each other alliance gifts, including 8-hour teleports. This depends on your alliance’s gift level, which is increased by donating to the alliance.
  • Expedition Rewards – Alliances can launch alliance expeditions to conquered holy sites. Completing these provides alliance credits used to purchase chests with random rewards like 1-hour teleports.

Having strong ally relationships leads to more gifted teleports. Running frequent alliance expeditions also gives members more chances at teleport rewards. But again, drops are unpredictable.

Daily Special Offers

One overlooked way to get teleports is from daily special item offers:

  • Daily Special Offer – This item bundle offer refreshes daily with random items. It sometimes includes 1-hour or 8-hour teleports for purchase with gems.
  • VIP Daily Offer – If you have VIP status, you get access to a second daily offer with more valuable items. This also periodically includes teleports.

Checking these daily offers for teleports is quick and easy. The discounts they provide can save tons of gems compared to buying individual teleports. But offers are random, so you may need to check patiently for teleports.

Redeeming Items for Teleports

A couple game items can be redeemed directly for teleports:

  • Gold Keys – 1 gold key, obtained from completing quests, can be exchanged in the Item store for 1 teleport. Gold keys are fairly easy to acquire over time.
  • Alliance Credits – Saved alliance credits can be used to purchase 8-hour and 1-hour teleports in the Alliance Shop. This depends on your alliance’s credit production from helping build flags and forts.

Redeeming these items for teleports guarantees a teleport without relying on RNG. But gathering enough keys or credits takes some time for f2p players. Whales can buy bundles to speed up redemptions.

Purchasing Bundles Containing Teleports

If you decide to spend money in Rise of Kingdoms, some bundles in the item store include teleports:

  • Daily Bundles – The daily gem supply bundles include chests with random rewards like 1-hour teleports. The $10 30-day gem supply guarantees 5 teleports.
  • Event Bundles – During special events, limited-time packs are sold containing resources, speedups, and sometimes teleports.
  • Recharge Rewards – Spending milestone amounts in Rise of Kingdoms unlocks recharge rewards with teleports, like a $20 recharge giving 5 teleports.

Bundle purchases are the fastest way for pay-to-win players to build teleport stocks. But buying too many bundles runs up costs quickly. Planning targeted bundle buys during special events is most efficient.

Tips for Managing Your Teleports

Now that you know all the ways to acquire teleports in Rise of Kingdoms, here are some tips for managing them:

  • Avoid wasting teleports – Be smart about when you actually need to teleport troops versus marching them. Don’t teleport just to save a few minutes of march time unless urgent.
  • Balance teleport types – Have a healthy mix of 1-hour and 8-hour teleports. Use 1-hours for short tactical redeploys, 8-hours for long-distance marches.
  • Maintain a buffer – Don’t drain your teleport stock too low. Keep at least 1 or 2 for unexpected needs. Whales keep hundreds on hand!
  • Sell excess teleports – If an event gives you more extra teleports than you need, you can sell them individually for 50k resources each in the Item store.

Using these teleport management strategies will help ensure you have teleports when you truly need them during wartime or territorial expansions.