Apple Music Guide: How to Download Your Entire Library for Offline Listening

Apple Music is a popular streaming music service that gives you access to over 90 million songs. While streaming songs over the internet is convenient, there may be times when you want to listen offline, such as when traveling or without an internet connection. Fortunately, Apple Music allows you to download your entire music library for offline playback.

Benefits of Downloading Your Apple Music Library

Here are some of the benefits of downloading your entire Apple Music library:

  • Listen anywhere without internet – Downloads allow you to play music on a plane, subway, or anywhere without connectivity.
  • Save mobile data – By pre-downloading songs and playlists, you avoid using data to stream them each time. This helps conserve your monthly data allowance.
  • Playback reliability – Streaming can suffer from buffering and quality issues. Downloads ensure reliable, high-quality playback every time.
  • Permanent access – Downloads mean you keep full access to the songs even if they are removed from the Apple Music catalog later on.

How to Download Your Entire Apple Music Library

Downloading your whole Apple Music library is simple but takes a few steps. Here is the complete process:

On iPhone/iPad

  1. Open the Apple Music app
  2. Go to Library > Songs and select the first track
  3. Tap the 3 dots icon and choose “Select All”
  4. Tap the download icon to download everything

This will start downloading your entire music library to the device. It may take a while depending on your library size and internet speed.

On Mac/PC

  1. Launch Music app (or iTunes)
  2. Go to Library and click Songs to view them
  3. Select the first song, then choose Edit > Select All
  4. Right click on a song and choose “Download”

Downloads will now begin for your whole Apple Music library. Let it run in the background until everything finishes.

Using Playlists

You can also download everything by adding all songs to a playlist:

  1. Create a new Smart Playlist in Music
  2. Set rule to “Song Name Contains” with value blank (this matches all songs)
  3. Tap Download icon next to playlist name

This playlist will include your entire library. Tap the download icon to save everything offline.

Listening to Downloads Offline

Once your full library completes downloading, you can find it by going to Library > Downloads on mobile devices or View > Downloaded Music in iTunes. This section will contain your Apple Music collection available for offline playback.

You can also use the Search tab and filter by Downloaded to only show music saved offline. Turn on Airplane mode to verify offline playback access without internet connectivity.


While Apple Music doesn’t have a single “Download All” button, you can leverage playlists, Select All, and other tricks to batch download your full library for offline access. This allows subscribers to listen anywhere without using mobile data or requiring an internet connection.

So save your favorite Apple Music songs, albums, and playlists for offline playback using the steps outlined above. Let us know if you have any other questions!