Etsy Shop Guide – How to Rename Your Online Store

So you’ve decided it’s time to change the name of your Etsy shop. Maybe your business has evolved, or you simply have a better name idea. Whatever the reason, renaming your online store is an important branding decision. Follow this comprehensive guide to smoothly transition to your new Etsy shop name.

Why Rename Your Etsy Shop?

There are several good reasons to change your Etsy shop name:

  • Rebranding – As your business grows and changes over time, rebranding with a new name that better reflects your current products and style is often necessary.
  • Improved name – You may have come up with a name you like better that more accurately captures your shop’s vibe and offerings.
  • Avoid confusion – If your old name was too similar to another shop, changing it can help differentiate you.
  • Boost search visibility – A name with relevant keywords can help you rank higher in Etsy searches.

How to Change Your Etsy Shop Name

The process of changing an Etsy shop name is simple:

  1. Log in to your Etsy account and go to your Shop Manager.
  2. Click Settings > Info & Appearance.
  3. Next to Shop Name, click Change.
  4. Enter your new shop name and click Save.

Shop names can be up to 20 characters long and cannot contain spaces or special characters.

Tips for Picking a New Etsy Shop Name

Choosing your new Etsy shop name deserves careful consideration. Here are some top tips:

Be Descriptive

  • Clearly convey what you sell using relevant words that shoppers would search for.

Keep it Short & Sweet

  • Opt for something under 20 characters that’s easy to remember.

Mind SEO

  • Incorporate keywords shoppers search for to help drive traffic. But don’t keyword stuff.

Check Availability

  • Google your name idea to see if another shop already uses it.

Test it Out

  • Try out your name on friends to see if they can easily recall and spell it.

Announce Your New Etsy Shop Name

Once you’ve changed your Etsy shop name, be sure to spread the word so customers can find you.

  • Add a shop announcement about your new name.
  • Send an email newsletter updating subscribers.
  • Post on social media profiles.
  • Update branding on your website, business cards, packaging, etc.

Proactively announcing the change and directing fans to your rebranded shop ensures no interruption in sales.

What About SEO Impacts of an Etsy Shop Name Change?

It’s understandable to be concerned about SEO and how changing your Etsy shop name could temporarily impact traffic and search visibility. However, the effects are usually minimal as long as the new name still contains relevant keywords.

Here are some tips to preserve your SEO through the transition:

  • Choose a new name with keywords targeting the same shoppers.
  • Update tags and descriptions with your new name.
  • Use Etsy’s shop name change redirect to point old URLs to your rebranded shop.

Within a few weeks, search engines will recrawl your listings and rankings should stabilize. Focus on driving traffic through promotions of your new brand during this time.

Key Takeaways When Renaming Your Etsy Shop

  • Rebranding your Etsy shop with a new name can better convey your offerings.
  • The process only takes a minute, but put thought into choosing a descriptive, brandable name.
  • Announce the change across all marketing channels so fans can easily find your rebranded shop.
  • SEO impacts are usually minor if you pick a keyword-rich new name and actively promote the change.

Follow this advice to smoothly transition to a renamed Etsy shop that elevates your brand and attracts buyers. The effort is well worth it for the long-term growth potential a rebranded online store provides.