How to Access and View Your Video Watchlist on Netflix Profiles

Netflix allows users to create up to five personal profiles under one account. Each profile has its own personalized recommendations, viewing history, My List, and settings based on individual watching behavior.

The My List feature lets you bookmark movies and TV shows you want to watch later. You can then easily access this watchlist from any device. Here’s how to view, manage, and share your video watchlist on different Netflix profiles.

Accessing Your Video Watchlist

Follow these steps to access your personal video watchlist on Netflix:

On the Netflix Website

  • Log in to your Netflix account and hover over your profile icon on the top right corner
  • Select My List from the dropdown menu

On the Mobile App

  • Launch the Netflix mobile app on your device
  • Tap on the profile icon on the bottom right
  • Choose My List to view your watchlist

On Smart TVs

  • Open the Netflix app and select your profile
  • Navigate to My List using the left sidebar or down arrow keys on your remote

Your full list of bookmarked shows and movies will display.

Viewing and Managing Your Video Watchlist

Once you access your list, you’ll see small preview thumbnails for each video. Hover over or click on a title to see more details like the synopsis, runtime, maturity rating, etc.

You can manage your list by:

  • Adding more titles – Search for a movie or show and select Add to My List
  • Removing titles – Click the Remove from My List button
  • Reordering – My List automatically prioritizes newly added and highly relevant titles. But you can manually drag and drop to reorder.

Your My List can store up to 2000 videos across all profiles. Titles stay there until you remove them manually or they expire from the Netflix catalog.

Sharing Your Video Watchlist

Want to share your watchlist with friends and family? Use these methods:

Export as JSON File

  • Access My List on the Netflix website
  • Click Export
  • Your list downloads as a JSON file that can be opened in any spreadsheet software

Share Profile Access

  • Go to Account Settings and enable Profile Transfers
  • Send your Profile’s login details to someone so they can access your personalized My List

Screenshot or Text List

  • Take screenshots of your full My List on the Netflix website
  • Copy down and manually send a text list of all the titles

By sharing your list, you give others a peek into your entertainment tastes and recommendations.

My List Features and Limitations

Here are some key things to know about Netflix’s My List feature:

  • Available on all profiles under a single account
  • Syncs across devices like phones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs
  • Titles automatically removed if they expire or become unavailable in your country
  • Maximum capacity of 2000 videos in one profile’s list
  • Can’t access if profile has a PIN lock enabled
  • Kids profiles don’t have access to My List

So use My List wisely to bookmark shows and movies you actually plan on watching later. Periodically review and prune your list to keep it relevant and organized.

Tips for Managing Your Watchlist

Follow these tips to get the most out of My List:

Set reminders for new releases – Use the “Remind Me” button to get notified when an upcoming or new movie/show is available. This also auto-adds it to your list.

Review before major trips – Binge-watch what you can before traveling abroad where some titles may be geo-restricted.

Share across households – Export and share lists between family members in different houses to coordinate viewing.

Use notes or tags – Add notes in the title to remember why you bookmarked each video. Some ideas: who recommended it or which genre/mood it fits.

Go by seasons for shows – Don’t overload by adding every single season of a show. Add one season at a time based on your watching pace.

Regularly prune and reorder – Stay organized by periodically clearing watched videos and moving highest priority ones to the top.

Check ratings – Glance through ratings, reviews or awards tagged on each title before moving it up on your priority list.

Following these best practices will help you stay on top of your personalized Netflix watchlist. Never lose track of an interesting movie or show again!

As a long-time Netflix user and entertainment blogger, maintaining my profiles’ My Lists has been key to managing what to watch next. I routinely export and share lists with friends and family as customized watch recommendations. I also tag certain genres to each title so I know exactly what type of entertainment mood it will fulfill.

Periodically clearing out the watched titles and reprioritizing the list based on newest additions and external recommendations has worked very well. My List lets me bookmark shows and movies from various global regions that I can’t wait to view during upcoming holidays or when the right mood strikes!

I hope these tips on accessing and organizing your Netflix video watchlist help you better manage your profiles. So you can get the most personalized and enjoyable viewing experience. Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments!