How to Access iCloud on a PC: Exploring iCloud on Windows


iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage service that lets you store your photos, documents, music, apps, calendars, contacts, and more and access them across all your Apple devices. With iCloud for Windows, you can also access your iCloud content on a Windows PC.

In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about using iCloud on a Windows computer.

Downloading and Installing iCloud for Windows

To get started with iCloud on your Windows PC, you’ll first need to download the iCloud for Windows app from the Microsoft Store:

  1. Open the Microsoft Store on your Windows PC.
  2. Search for “iCloud”.
  3. Click on the iCloud app result and then click “Get” to download the app.
  4. Once downloaded, the app will install automatically. Follow the on-screen instructions.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 10 64-bit (version 1903 or later) OR Windows 11
  • Microsoft account
  • iTunes (version 12.7 or later)

Signing into Your iCloud Account

After installing iCloud for Windows, open the app and sign in using your Apple ID. This is the same ID you use on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

If you have two-factor authentication enabled, you’ll need to enter your verification code after entering your password.

Accessing iCloud Features on Windows

Once signed into your iCloud account, you’ll have access to the following iCloud features on your Windows PC:

iCloud Photos

  • View photos and videos stored in iCloud Photos
  • Create and manage Shared Albums to share photos with others

iCloud Drive

  • Access files and folders stored in iCloud Drive in File Explorer
  • Share files as links
  • Make changes that update across devices

Mail, Contacts, Calendars

  • View your iCloud email, calendars, and contacts in Outlook
  • Changes sync across your devices

iCloud Passwords

  • Auto-fill web passwords saved in iCloud Keychain
  • Access passwords in the iCloud Passwords app

iCloud Bookmarks

  • View Safari bookmarks in Edge or Chrome
  • Changes sync across devices

You can select which iCloud features you want to use on your Windows device during setup or later in the app’s settings.

Managing Your iCloud Content on Windows

With iCloud for Windows, you have full access to manage your iCloud content directly from your Windows PC:


  • Import photos and videos into iCloud Photos from your Windows folders and drives
  • Organize photos into albums
  • Share photos and albums with Shared Albums


  • Upload files and folders to iCloud Drive
  • Create folders
  • Rename, move, duplicate files
  • Share files as links
  • Download files for offline access


  • Read, send, organize, and search iCloud email in Outlook
  • View Mail folders like Sent Mail, Drafts, Junk Mail


  • View, edit, organize, and search contacts
  • Create and manage contact groups


  • View, edit, and manage calendars and events
  • Create multiple calendars for work, family, etc.

So with iCloud for Windows installed, you get full integration of your iCloud content for a seamless experience across your Windows PC and Apple devices.

Tips for Using iCloud on Windows

Here are some useful tips for accessing and managing your iCloud content on a Windows PC:

  • Set up iCloud first on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac before using iCloud for Windows.
  • Use Edge or Chrome for full integration with iCloud Bookmarks.
  • Click the iCloud icon in the system tray to quickly access the app and manage content.
  • Use the iCloud for Windows Control Panel for more advanced settings and troubleshooting tools.
  • Make sure to keep iCloud for Windows updated to the latest version.

Accessing Additional iCloud Features

While iCloud for Windows provides access to key iCloud features like Photos, Drive, and Mail, there are some iCloud features that are only available on Apple devices or

  • Notes – Create and manage notes
  • Reminders – Set personal and shared reminders
  • Find My – Locate Apple devices and friends/family
  • Pages, Numbers, Keynote – iWork apps
  • News – Customized news reading experience

You can access these additional features on a Windows PC by signing into with your web browser. This gives you access to the full iCloud suite of apps and services online.


With iCloud for Windows installed, Windows users can easily access their iCloud content like Photos, Mail, Drive and more directly on a Windows 10 or 11 PC. And provides web access to additional iCloud apps and features.

So both Apple users with Windows devices and Windows-only users can now stay connected to their important documents, photos, email, and more by using iCloud on their Windows computers.