How To Acquire Randomized Quest Cards in Hearthstone Game

Quest cards are a special type of card in Hearthstone that provide powerful rewards when you complete a specific objective. They were first introduced in the Journey to Un’Goro expansion and have appeared sporadically in expansions since. Here is everything you need to know about acquiring randomized quest cards in Hearthstone.

What Are Quest Cards?

Quest cards are 1-mana legendary spells that always appear in your opening hand. When played, they display above your hero portrait and track your progress towards their objective. Once completed, they reward you with a powerful card or effect.

For example, the quest card “The Caverns Below” reads: “Play four minions with the same name. Reward: Crystal Core.” This rewards you by transforming all minions in your deck into 5/5 versions.

Quest cards encourage you to build your deck around their objective to make the most of their reward. They fundamentally change your game plan and win conditions.

How To Get Randomized Quest Cards

There are a few ways you can acquire randomized quest cards in Hearthstone:

1. Open Card Packs

Whenever a new expansion launches featuring quest cards, you have a chance to open them in card packs. Like other legendaries, they appear approximately once every 20 packs.

Buying packs at expansion launch gives you the best shot at picking up any new quests. Make sure to buy packs from the latest expansion, as quest cards do not appear in older sets.

2. Craft Them

You can craft any quest card you are missing using Arcane Dust. The amount of dust needed depends on the card’s rarity:

  • Common cards cost 40 dust
  • Rare cards cost 100 dust
  • Epic cards cost 400 dust
  • Legendary cards (including quests) cost 1600 dust

Dust can be obtained by disenchanting unwanted cards from your collection. So if you are missing a key quest card, you can destroy other cards to scrounge up the dust.

3. Random Effects

Some Hearthstone cards have effects that generate random cards from your class or Neutral. While rare, these effects can randomly discover quest cards for you.

For example, the Priest card “Cabal Courier” allows you to Discover a random Priest card. This could potentially give you priest quest cards like “Awaken the Makers.”

So if you are looking to pick up quest cards on a budget, using random generation effects gives you a small chance without spending dust.

4. Rewards Track

Hearthstone’s reward tracks grant loot as you gain experience levels. This includes free packs, gold, dust, and even legendaries.

The legendaries rewarded are selected randomly from a pool. So whenever you earn one of these level-up legendaries, you have a tiny chance of getting a quest card.

While unlikely, getting free quest cards from the Rewards Track is possible with a little luck!

Tips for Using Randomized Quest Cards

Here are some tips to make effective use of the quest cards you acquire:

  • Build around them – If you randomly get a powerful quest card, consider constructing a new deck that completes its objective efficiently. This lets you fully benefit from the reward.
  • Don’t rely on them – Unlike normal legendaries, you can’t consistently draw quest cards when needed. Don’t base game plans around quest rewards you may not receive.
  • Complete them quickly – The faster you finish the quest, the more value you gain from the reward. Construct decks with lots of enablers to speed up quest progression.
  • Don’t overcommit – You only need to complete the quest once for full value from the reward. Don’t waste too many cards purely fulfilling quests at the expense of board development.

Example Quest Card Decks

Here are some deck examples built around popular quest cards:

Quest Rogue

This deck is built to quickly complete the quest “Crystal Core” to turn your minions into 5/5 powerhouses:

  • Cheap minions – Flood the board with cheap cards like Fire Fly and Igneous Elemental to enable Crystal Core faster. Shadowstep them for extra copies.
  • Bounce effects – Youthful Brewmaster and Shadowstep return minions to complete the quest quickly.
  • Charge minions – After finishing the quest, Leeroy Jenkins and Stonetusk Boar become 10/2 charge threats.

Quest Mage

Rapidly finish “Open the Waygate” to take extra turns with Time Warp:

  • Sorcerer’s Apprentice – Discount key cards to accelerate the quest and combo potential.
  • Spell generation – Cards like Magic Trick and Mana Cyclone give you fuel to keep chaining extra turns.
  • Freeze effects – Stall the game with Frost Nova and Blizzard while assembling your combo pieces.

Quest Warlock

Drain life with “Supreme Archaeology” and burst the opponent down:

  • Self-damage synergy – Cards like Flame Imp and Pit Lord damage you to power up the quest reward.
  • Heal effects – Dark Pact, Siphon Soul and Alexstrasza set up big Drain Life turns.
  • Spell damage – Boost Drain Life even further with Kobold Geomancer or Malygos.


While difficult to acquire, quest cards provide some of the most unique and powerful effects in Hearthstone. Learning how to effectively use the ones you obtain can greatly improve your win rate. Pay attention to upcoming expansions featuring quest cards and save up your Arcane Dust. You may randomly discover one of these game-changing cards that perfectly suits your playstyle!