How to Add and Sync Music From iTunes Library to Your iPhone

Having your favorite music collection easily accessible on your iPhone is very convenient. Here are the steps to add music from your iTunes library to your iPhone and keep them synced.


Before syncing your iTunes music library to your iPhone, make sure:

  • You have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer
  • Your iPhone is connected to your computer via USB cable
  • Both your computer and iPhone are connected to the internet
  • You have enough storage space on your iPhone for the music you want to sync

Enable Manual Syncing

By default, iTunes tries to automatically sync all your media from its library to your iPhone whenever you connect it. To manually select just the music you want, enable ‘Manually manage music’ in iTunes:

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes
  2. Click on your iPhone icon in the top left
  3. Go to the Summary tab
  4. Check ‘Manually manage music and videos’
  5. Click Apply

Select Music to Sync

Now you can manually select music to transfer from your iTunes library to your iPhone:

  1. In iTunes, click on ‘Music’ in the left sidebar
  2. Select the playlists and albums you want to sync
  3. Make sure the ‘Sync Music’ checkbox is enabled
  4. Click ‘Apply’

The selected music will now transfer to your iPhone.

Alternative Ways to Add Music

Here are some other ways to add music from your iTunes library to your iPhone:

Drag and Drop

You can manually drag songs and playlists from your iTunes library and drop them directly onto your iPhone icon in iTunes. Just make sure ‘Manually manage music’ is enabled first.

Home Sharing

Enable Home Sharing in iTunes on both your computer and iPhone using the same Apple ID. Your iTunes music library will then become available on your iPhone to stream or download without needing to sync.

Import CDs

To add music from a CD into your iTunes library and sync it to your iPhone:

  1. Insert the CD into your computer
  2. In iTunes, go to File > Import CD
  3. Select the tracks to import
  4. Sync the tracks to your iPhone

Sync Playlists

Make sure any playlists you create in iTunes also sync to your iPhone automatically:

  1. Go to the Playlists section in iTunes
  2. Check ‘Sync playlists to iPhone’
  3. Select the playlists to sync
  4. Click Apply

Any new playlists added on either device will now sync both ways.

Use iCloud Music Library

An easier way to keep your music synced across devices is to enable iCloud Music Library. This will match your iTunes music to the Apple Music catalog and make it available on your iPhone without needing to manually sync. Just make sure you have enough iCloud storage.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you are having issues getting music to sync properly from iTunes to your iPhone, here are some things to try:

  • Double check you have ‘Manually manage music’ enabled in iTunes
  • Confirm your iPhone and computer are connected to the same WiFi network
  • Force quit and reopen iTunes
  • Disable and re-enable iCloud Music Library
  • Check for software updates on both devices
  • Try a different USB cable
  • As a last resort, reset sync history in iTunes preferences

I hope this guide gives you all the steps needed to successfully add your iTunes music collection onto your iPhone! Let me know if you have any other questions.