How to Add Computers for Remote Access in SplashTop Software

SplashTop is a popular remote desktop software that allows you to access and control computers remotely from any device. With SplashTop, you can work on your office computer right from your home or access personal files on your home computer while traveling.

Adding computers to SplashTop for remote access is quick and straightforward. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to add computers to SplashTop:


Before adding computers to SplashTop, make sure you have:

  • A SplashTop account created at
  • The SplashTop Business app installed on the devices (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android) you want to use to access the remote computers
  • Administrator access to the computers you want to add for remote access

Step 1: Download the SplashTop Streamer

The SplashTop Streamer needs to be installed on computers you want to access remotely.

  • Log in to your SplashTop account
  • Go to the Management tab
  • Click on Deployment
  • Select the operating system of the remote computer
  • Click Download next to the SplashTop Streamer package

This will download a .zip file containing the SplashTop Streamer installer and deployment key.

Step 2: Install the SplashTop Streamer

  • Copy the .zip package to the remote computer
  • Extract and run the SplashTop Streamer installer .exe file
  • Enter the provided deployment key when prompted
  • Allow the installation to complete

The Streamer will automatically connect to your SplashTop account.

Repeat this process for all computers you want to add.

Step 3: Access the Added Computers

  • Open the SplashTop Business app on the device you want to use for remote access
  • Log in using your SplashTop credentials
  • The added computers will be listed under My Computers
  • Click on a computer name to start remote access

That’s it! You can now remotely access the added computers from anywhere.

Tips for Smooth Remote Access

Here are some tips to ensure smooth remote access:

  • Use a wired network connection for the remote computer when possible for best performance
  • Enable Wake-on-LAN in the computer’s BIOS to remotely power on the computer
  • Assign static IP or set reserved IP in the router for reliable connectivity
  • Port forward TCP port 443 for unrestricted remote access
  • Add an exception in firewall and antivirus for the Streamer
  • Use unattended access mode to access computers when no one is physically present

Advanced Configuration

SplashTop offers additional configuration options to customize remote access as per your requirements:

Streamer Settings

Log in to your SplashTop account and go to Management > Computers to access Streamer settings. From here you can:

  • Change name of remote computer
  • Enable/disable remote access
  • Configure unattended access settings
  • Set up streaming resolution
  • Adjust performance settings
  • Manage file transfer settings
  • Configure remote reboot
  • Set up remote printing
  • Enable chat
  • Control privacy settings

Account Settings

Go to Management > Account to configure:

  • Session recording
  • Concurrent session limits
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Single sign-on
  • Set up teams and access permissions
  • View usage logs for audit

Access Control

You can exercise granular control over remote access through:

  • Device authentication to authorize devices
  • Multi-level account passwords
  • In-session access code for attended sessions
  • Session recording for audits
  • Usage logs to track access history
  • Timeout settings to auto disconnect idle sessions

Getting Support

SplashTop offers 24/7 email and live chat support in case you face any issues. You can also check their knowledge base articles at or contact their sales team for assistance.

Why Choose SplashTop?

Here are some key reasons why SplashTop is a great choice for remote computer access:

Secure and reliable

  • Enterprise-grade 256-bit SSL/AES encryption
  • Device authentication for trusted access
  • Configurable in-session security settings
  • Detailed session logging

High performance

  • Optimized streaming protocol
  • Configurable streaming resolution
  • Smooth video and audio
  • Files transfer at LAN speeds
  • Works over any internet connection


  • Easy computer addition process
  • Intuitive access from any device
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Drag-and-drop files transfer
  • Broad platform support


So if you are looking for an easy yet powerful remote computer access solution, SplashTop is a great choice. Sign up and give it a try today!