How to Add Custom Sound Effects to Your Discord Server’s Soundboard

Key Takeaways:

  • Discord’s Soundboard feature allows you to upload custom audio clips and play them during voice chats
  • You must have the “Create Expressions” permission in your server to add sounds to the Soundboard
  • Soundboard audio clips must be in MP3 format, no longer than 5 seconds, and under 512kb in size

As an avid Discord user and server admin, I’ve found the Soundboard feature to be a fun way to liven up voice chats and engage with the community. Whether you want to add iconic movie quotes, funny meme sounds, or custom audio clips, the Soundboard makes it easy to express yourself in a creative way.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through the steps to add your own custom sound effects to your Discord server’s Soundboard. By the end, you’ll be ready to spice up your conversations with unique audio clips that reflect your server’s personality.

Requirements for Adding Sounds to Your Soundboard

Before you start uploading audio clips, make sure you meet these requirements:

  • You must have the “Create Expressions” permission in your Discord server. This is typically granted to server admins and moderators.[2]
  • The audio clip must be in MP3 format.[12]
  • The sound effect cannot be longer than 5 seconds.[12]
  • The file size must be under 512kb.[12]

If your audio clip doesn’t meet these specifications, you’ll need to edit it using audio software like Audacity before uploading it to your Soundboard.

Finding and Preparing Audio Clips

There are several ways to obtain audio clips for your Soundboard:

  1. Record your own sounds: Use your phone or computer’s built-in microphone to record custom audio clips. If you record on your phone, send the file to your computer before uploading it to Discord.[6]
  2. Use existing audio or video sources: If you have a specific sound effect from a movie, TV show, or YouTube video in mind, you can use a video downloader or screen recording software to capture the audio. Then, use an audio editor to trim the clip to the desired length.[6]
  3. Download pre-made sound effects: Websites like Myinstants offer a wide variety of ready-to-use sound effects that you can download and add to your Soundboard.[6][12]

Once you have your audio clip ready, make sure it meets the requirements mentioned earlier (MP3 format, under 5 seconds, less than 512kb). If needed, use an audio converter and editor like Audacity to make any necessary adjustments.

Adding Sounds to Your Discord Server’s Soundboard

Now that you have your audio clip prepared, follow these steps to add it to your server’s Soundboard:

  1. Open Discord and navigate to the server where you want to add the sound effect.[12]
  2. Click on the server’s name to open the drop-down menu, then select “Server Settings.”[12]
  3. In the left sidebar, click on “Soundboard.”[2][12]
  4. Click the blue “Upload Sound” button.[2][6][12]
  5. In the popup window, click “Browse” and locate the MP3 file you want to upload.[12]
  6. Give your sound effect a name and select a related emoji (optional).[12]
  7. Adjust the sound volume if needed, then click “Upload.”[12]

Congratulations! Your custom sound effect is now available on your server’s Soundboard. You can repeat this process to add up to 8 sounds without boosting your server. If you want to add more, you’ll need to unlock additional slots by boosting your server with Nitro.[12]

Using Soundboard Audio Clips in Voice Chats

To use your newly added sound effects in a voice chat, follow these simple steps:

On Desktop:

  1. Join a voice channel in your server.[6]
  2. Click the megaphone icon (Soundboard) located below the “Disconnect” button.[8]
  3. Find the sound effect you want to play and click on its name. The sound will immediately play in the voice chat.[6][8]

On Mobile:

  1. Join a voice call within your Discord server.[12]
  2. Tap the screen to reveal the bottom toolbar, then swipe up to access more options.[12]
  3. Tap “Soundboard,” then tap on the desired sound effect to play it during the call.[12]

Keep in mind that you can only add custom sounds to your Soundboard using the Discord desktop app or website. However, once added, you can use those sound effects on both desktop and mobile.[12]

Editing and Deleting Soundboard Audio Clips

If you need to make changes to your uploaded sound effects or remove them from your Soundboard, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your server and click the down arrow next to its name.[12]
  2. Go to “Server Settings,” then select “Soundboard.”[12]
  3. To edit a sound effect, click the pencil icon next to it. You can change the name, emoji, duration, or volume level.[12]
  4. To delete a sound effect, click the “x” icon next to it, then confirm by clicking “Delete.”[12]

Remember, you must have the “Create Expressions” permission to edit or delete Soundboard audio clips.[12]


Adding custom sound effects to your Discord server’s Soundboard is a great way to enhance engagement and express yourself creatively during voice chats. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll be able to find, prepare, and upload your own unique audio clips with ease.

Keep in mind the requirements for Soundboard audio clips, and don’t forget that you can only add sounds using the Discord desktop app or website. Once added, though, you can use your custom sound effects on both desktop and mobile.

Have fun experimenting with different audio clips and see how they can liven up your conversations! With a little creativity, your server’s Soundboard will become a central part of your community’s interactions.