How To Activate Split Screen View on a Vizio TV Display

  1. Newer Vizio TVs may not have PIP capabilities, but some models support a similar “picture-outside-picture” (POP) feature. This displays two images side-by-side without overlap. There does not seem to be consistent instructions on how to activate this across models.
  2. There are some third party devices like HDMI multiviewers that can take multiple HDMI inputs and combine them into a split screen output. However, this requires additional hardware and may not work with all TVs.
  3. Some of the search results focus on troubleshooting split/double screen issues on Vizio TVs, but do not provide clear instructions on intentionally activating a split screen view.
  4. Vizio’s own product manuals and support articles could not be accessed in the search results. Directly checking Vizio’s documentation for your specific model may provide the best instructions on split screen capabilities and usage.

In summary, split screen capabilities vary across Vizio models and clear universal instructions could not be found from the search results provided. Checking your TV’s specific manual and features would be the best approach to determine if and how split screen can be activated. Reaching out directly to Vizio support may also help troubleshoot if you are having difficulties.