How To Add Network Printers in Windows 11 OS

Adding a network printer in Windows 11 allows you to print from any device connected to your network. This provides convenience and flexibility to print documents from different locations.


Before adding a network printer in Windows 11, ensure the following:

  • The printer is connected to the network using an Ethernet cable or over WiFi. Refer to the printer manual on how to connect it to the network.
  • You know the IP address assigned to the printer. This can usually be found on the printer control panel.
  • The computer you want to print from is on the same network as the printer.

Add Printer Using Settings

  1. Open Settings and go to Bluetooth & Devices > Printers & Scanners
  2. Click on Add Device and Windows will search for available printers on the network
  3. Select the network printer you want to add from the list
  4. Click Add Device
  5. If the printer driver is already installed, it will now be added. If not, Windows will automatically download and install the driver
  6. To confirm, print a test page

Add Printer Manually

If your network printer does not show up in the search, you can add it manually:

  1. Go to Settings > Bluetooth & Devices> Printers & Scanners
  2. Click Add Device then select The Printer That I Want Isn’t Listed
  3. Choose Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings
  4. Select Create a new port then choose Standard TCP/IP Port from the dropdown
  5. Enter the IP address of the printer and uncheck Query the printer…
  6. Click Next, then select the manufacturer and model of your printer
  7. If the driver is already installed, the port will be successfully created, else Windows will prompt you to install the driver
  8. Complete printer driver installation if required
  9. Print a test page to confirm functioning


  • Ensure the printer is on and connected to the network before trying to add it
  • If having issues, try rebooting the printer and the computer
  • Disable firewalls temporarily to rule out interference
  • Refer printer manual for default admin password if prompted
  • Update Windows and printer drivers to latest versions

Adding network printers enables centralized printing on a network without requiring a physical USB connection on every computer. With the inbuilt printer discovery in Windows 11 and the ability to manually add printers, you can easily setup shared network printers. Follow the simple steps outlined to get your network printer detected and ready within minutes.


Setting up a new network printer is quick and straightforward on Windows 11 using the Printers & Scanners settings. Automated driver downloads and installations make it seamless to deploy shared printers without much technical know-how. Whether in a home or office environment, centralized network printing improves convenience and accessibility.