How to Adjust Wyze Cam Recording Duration

Wyze cameras offer flexible options to adjust the recording duration based on your needs. Here is a detailed guide on the various ways to configure recording times for Wyze cams.

Recording Duration on SD Card

All Wyze cams allow continuous recording directly to a microSD card inserted in the camera. This allows capturing full-length videos without any limits on duration.

To enable continuous recording to SD card:

  • In the Wyze app, tap into your camera’s livestream.
  • Tap Settings > Advanced Settings.
  • Tap the toggle next to “Record to MicroSD Card”.
  • Choose desired options like video length and quality.

You can set recording in 1-minute segments or record continuously until the SD card is full before overwriting old videos. This allows adjusting recording duration from minutes to hours or even days based on the SD card capacity.

Recording Duration on Cloud with Cam Plus

Wyze offers the Cam Plus subscription service to store videos on the cloud. This removes limits of on-device storage.

With Cam Plus, motion events are recorded in full length for up to 5 minutes continuously until no motion is detected. There is no cooldown time between events.

So the recording duration flexibly adjusts from a few seconds for short motion events up to 5 minutes for longer activities based on the duration of motion.

Adjusting Motion Sensitivity

A key setting that indirectly impacts recording times is the motion detection sensitivity.

Higher sensitivity triggers more motion events, resulting in longer total recordings. Lower sensitivity reduces unnecessary recordings.

Adjust the sensitivity slider in the app to balance capturing important activities without too many false alerts:

  • Low sensitivity (1-30): Fewer motion triggers
  • Medium sensitivity (31-70): Balance of activity detection
  • High sensitivity (71-100): More motion triggers

Scheduled Recording

You can schedule specific recording durations at set times. For example, you can configure recording only during business hours or night times.

To schedule recordings:

  • In the Wyze app, go to your camera’s settings.
  • Tap Custom Recording Schedule.
  • Choose days/times to record motion events.

This allows tailoring recording duration to only needed time periods every day.


  • Continuous recording to SD card offers maximum flexibility in recording durations
  • Cam Plus cloud recordings are event-based, detecting motion up to 5 minutes
  • Adjust motion sensitivity to balance recording duration
  • Use schedules to restrict recordings to certain times

With the right settings, Wyze cams can be configured to meet any video recording duration needs. Let us know if you have any other questions!