How to Change Language Settings on Pluto TV App

Pluto TV is a popular free streaming service that offers live TV channels and on-demand content. With a library of over 250 channels and thousands of movies and TV shows, it has something for everyone. However, one common question from users is – can you change the language settings on the Pluto TV app?

Does Pluto TV Offer Multiple Languages?

Pluto TV has content available in both English and Spanish. As reported by IMDb News, Pluto TV launched a suite of 11 Spanish and Portuguese language channels called Pluto TV Latino in 2019, which included over 2,000 hours of content[5].

So while Pluto TV does have some content available in other languages, the majority of programming is still only offered in English.

Can You Change the Audio Language?

Unfortunately, Pluto TV does not currently offer the ability to change the audio language on their content[1]. If a show or movie is only available in English, there is no option to switch the audio to Spanish or any other language.

According to Pluto TV’s support article, most of their live and on-demand content has English or Spanish closed captions available[2]. So while you cannot change the audio language itself, enabling closed captions can allow you to read subtitles in either language.

Does Pluto TV Have a Language Setting?

No, there is no language setting in Pluto TV’s app settings that allows you to change the default interface and content language[7]. The app does not give users an option to switch between languages.

So if your Pluto TV app is in Spanish, it simply means that is the only language the content you are watching is offered in.

Why is My Pluto TV in Spanish?

There are a few reasons why your Pluto TV app may be stuck in Spanish:

  • Geographic Location: Pluto TV settings may default to Spanish if you are accessing the service from certain Spanish-speaking countries[7].
  • Device Language Setting: If your device (smart TV, streaming box, etc.) language is set to Spanish, this can cause Pluto TV to default to Spanish.
  • Technical Issues: Glitches in the app may cause your language preference to not save properly, resulting in Spanish content.

How to Switch Pluto TV to English

Since there is no language option within Pluto TV, you’ll need to utilize your device settings to switch the app to English:

On a Smart TV:

  • Open your TV settings menu
  • Go to the language section
  • Change the menu/audio language to English[6]
  • Exit settings and check if Pluto TV is now in English

On a Streaming Device:

  • Go to the device settings
  • Find language options
  • Switch interface and audio languages to English
  • Check Pluto TV app to see if this fixed the issue

On Mobile Apps:

  • Open your phone/tablet’s settings
  • Change device language to English
  • This should also switch Pluto TV to English

If your devices are already set to English and Pluto TV is still in Spanish, there may be a technical issue with the app. Try uninstalling, power cycling your devices, and reinstalling Pluto TV to resolve.

Enable Closed Captions on Pluto TV

While you cannot change the audio language on Pluto TV, enabling closed captions can allow you to view English subtitles on Spanish content[2]:

  • Tap the screen while watching Pluto TV
  • Select the CC icon to enable closed captions
  • Choose English as your caption language

This will display English subtitles over Spanish audio. Closed captions can help when you don’t speak the language the content is offered in.

Use a VPN to Change Your Region

Another option is to use a VPN service to change your geographic location and access the US version of Pluto TV, which primarily offers English content. Steps:

  1. Sign up for a reliable VPN
  2. Connect to a US-based server
  3. Launch the Pluto TV app
  4. Pluto TV should now default to English


Changing the language settings in the Pluto TV app is not currently possible. Your only options are enabling closed captions for subtitles or utilizing device settings and VPNs to switch to the English version of Pluto TV.

Hopefully in the future Pluto TV will add more robust language options that allow seamlessly switching audio and subtitle languages. But for now, the workarounds listed above should help restore your Pluto TV app to English.