How To Backup and Restore a Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a popular Android smartphone known for its beautiful design, stellar camera, and robust feature set. As with any smartphone, it’s important to regularly back up your Galaxy S7 to prevent losing your precious data if anything happens to your device. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to properly back up and restore your Samsung Galaxy S7.

Backing Up Your Galaxy S7

There are a few different methods you can use to back up your Samsung Galaxy S7:

Using Samsung Cloud

Samsung Cloud is Samsung’s own cloud storage service that comes pre-installed on Galaxy devices. Here’s how to back up your S7 using Samsung Cloud:

  1. Open the Settings app and tap “Accounts and backup”
  2. Under “Samsung Cloud”, tap “Back up data”
  3. Select which data you want to back up – you can choose contacts, messages, photos and more
  4. Tap “Back up” to start the backup process

The advantage of using Samsung Cloud is that it’s simple, integrated into your phone already, and gives you 15GB of storage for free.

Using Smart Switch

Smart Switch is Samsung’s official phone backup and transfer software. To back up your S7 using Smart Switch:

  1. Download and install Smart Switch on your computer
  2. Connect your S7 to your computer via USB cable
  3. Open Smart Switch and click “Back up” on the main screen
  4. Select the data types you wish to back up
  5. Click “Back up” and wait for the process to complete

Smart Switch creates a more comprehensive backup that you can restore even if you switch to a non-Samsung device.

Using Google Drive

If you have a Google Account set up on your Galaxy S7, you can back up your phone to Google Drive:

  1. Go to Settings > Accounts and backup > Backup and restore
  2. In the Google Drive section, turn on the “Back up data” option
  3. You can choose to back up app data, call history, device settings and more
  4. Tap “Back up now” to start backing up to Google Drive

Google Drive gives you free 15GB of backup storage and syncs your backup across any Android devices signed in to your Google Account.

Restoring Data to Your Galaxy S7

If you get a new S7, need to reset your phone or lose your data somehow, you can restore backups from Samsung Cloud, Smart Switch and Google Drive.

Using Samsung Cloud

  1. Open Settings and tap your Samsung account at the top
  2. Tap “Samsung Cloud” > “Restore data”
  3. Pick which backup you want to restore
  4. Tap “Restore” to start the process

Using Smart Switch

  1. Open Smart Switch on your computer with your S7 connected
  2. Click “Restore” on the main screen
  3. Select the backup file you wish to restore
  4. Click “Restore” and wait for completion

Using Google Drive

  1. Go to Settings > Accounts and backup > Backup and restore
  2. In the Google Drive section, tap “Restore data”
  3. Pick a backed-up data set to restore
  4. Tap “Restore” and wait for it to finish

Be sure to use the same backup service you originally used to create the backup for the most complete restoration.

Final Tips

  • Back up your Galaxy S7 regularly to avoid losing data
  • Enable automatic backups under Samsung Cloud or Google Drive for hassle-free backups
  • Store backup files securely on an external hard drive or cloud storage
  • Before resetting your S7, do a final manual backup for good measure
  • When restoring, be patient and wait for the process to fully complete

Backing up and restoring your Samsung Galaxy S7 is easy and important. Follow this guide and use the right tools to keep your smartphone data safe. Let me know if you have any other questions!