How to Reorder and Arrange Pages in Microsoft Word Document

Microsoft Word provides several easy methods to reorder and arrange pages in your documents. Properly organizing the pages in your Word docs can greatly improve the flow and readability.

Here are some key reasons you may want to rearrange pages:

  • Fix ordering mistakes
  • Improve logical flow
  • Organize by topic or theme
  • Move appendices and references to the end

Follow the steps below to quickly rearrange pages in Word using the Navigation Pane or Cut and Paste features.

Use the Navigation Pane to Rearrange Pages

The Navigation Pane gives you an overview of the document’s structure and allows you to easily drag pages to reorder them.

Here are the steps:

  • Open your Word document
  • Click the View tab > Check Navigation Pane to open it
  • Select the Pages tab in the pane
  • Click and drag page thumbnails to reorder them
  • Click a new page location to insert the moved page
  • Repeat for additional pages as needed


  • View thumbnail previews of all pages
  • Reorder multiple non-contiguous pages easily
  • Insert pages in between existing pages seamlessly

Rearrange Pages with Cut and Paste

You can also use the standard cut and paste method to move pages:

  • Select all content on the page you want to move
  • Right click and choose Cut
  • Scroll to the location where you want the page moved
  • Right click and choose Paste to insert the cut page


  • Works with any Word version
  • Allows moving multiple pages easily

Tip: Use shift+arrow keys to select entire pages quickly.

Rearrange Sections for Improved Flow

For long Word documents, use Sections to divide content into logical parts before reordering.

To move a Section:

  • Click the View tab
  • Open the Navigation Pane
  • Choose the Headings tab
  • Click and drag the Section header to reorder


  • Move large blocks of content easily
  • Maintain formatting and layout

Update Page Numbers

After reordering pages, update the page numbers:

  • Click the Insert tab
  • Click Page Number > Format Page Numbers
  • Choose Continue from previous section
  • Click OK to renumber pages

This automatically applies sequential page numbers.

Employ Best Practices

Follow these tips for seamlessly reordering pages:

  • Save a copy before rearranging pages in case you need to revert back
  • Print or save as PDF to visually confirm new page order
  • Review document flow and transition text
  • Update page number references in a Table of Contents
  • Share with co-authors and proofread the rearranged document


Reordering pages in Word is simple whether you just need to move one page or overhaul the entire structure.

Use the Navigation Pane or Cut/Paste methods to efficiently rearrange pages in your Word documents. Section breaks also help you move large blocks of content.

And don’t forget to update all page numbers and review the document flow once the pages are reordered.

With these helpful tips, you can now swiftly organize the pages in your Word docs like a pro!