How to Bulk Delete All Photos From an iPad Tablet Device Storage

As you capture memories and moments with your iPad’s camera over time, your photo library can quickly eat up storage space. When your iPad storage fills up, it can cause your device to slow down and limit your ability to save new photos and videos.

Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to mass delete photos from your iPad to free up space. Here is a step-by-step guide on the best methods for bulk deleting all photos from an iPad tablet device storage.

Check Your iPad’s Storage Usage

First, go to your iPad’s Settings > General > iPad Storage to view what’s taking up space. This will show you a color-coded bar chart breaking down storage usage by category, like apps, photos, messages, etc.

Check if photos and videos are taking up a lot of storage. If so, it’s a prime candidate for mass deletion.

Back Up Important Photos

Before mass deleting your entire iPad photo library, be sure to back up any photos you want to keep. You can back up photos to iCloud or to a computer:

Back Up to iCloud

  • Go to Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > Photos and enable iCloud Photos
  • This will automatically back up your photo library to iCloud

Back Up to a Computer

  • Connect your iPad to a computer
  • Open iTunes or the Photos app and select “Import” to transfer photo library to computer

Delete Photos from the Photos App

The easiest way to mass delete photos is directly in the Photos app:

  1. Open the Photos app
  2. Tap Select in the upper right
  3. Tap on individual photos to select them or slide your finger across a batch of photos to multi-select
  4. Tap the trash icon in the lower left once photos are selected
  5. Confirm deletion

Repeat steps 2-4 to delete more photos until your desired storage space is freed up.

Use Storage Management to Delete Photos

You can also mass delete photos right from the iPad storage settings:

  1. Go to Settings > General > iPad Storage
  2. Scroll down and tap Photos & Camera
  3. Tap to view photo details then tap Edit
  4. Tap Delete All to delete the entire iPad camera roll

This will completely wipe all photos stored locally on your iPad. Rely on your iCloud or computer backup if you want to preserve any photos.

Permanently Erase Deleted Photos

When you delete photos on an iPad, they get moved to the “Recently Deleted” folder where they stay for 30 days before being permanently erased.

To manually clear out this deleted photos folder to free up space:

  1. Open the Photos app
  2. Tap Albums in the bottom right
  3. Scroll down and tap Recently Deleted
  4. Tap Select > Delete All

Use Third-Party Apps to Manage Photos

There are also third-party apps like iMazing and iMyFone iCleaner that can help you easily bulk delete photos based on criteria like date, size, duplicates etc. Some also fully erase deleted photos so they don’t sit in the “Recently Deleted” folder temporarily.

The key advantage of third-party apps is they provide more bulk delete options versus the native Photos app.

Set Up Optimize iPad Storage

An easy way to auto-manage photos over time is enabling the Optimize iPad Storage setting:

  • Go to Settings > Photos
  • Turn on Optimize iPad Storage

This automatically manages your photo library by only keeping full-resolution photos stored on iCloud, while smaller resolution versions are saved locally on your iPad to save space.


It’s easy to bulk delete all photos from an iPad tablet device storage to free up space using the native Photos app, iPad storage settings, or third-party apps. Just be sure to back up any photos you want to keep before mass deleting your entire iPad camera roll.

Following these best practice photo management tips will ensure you have ample free space for saving new photos and videos over time.