How to Capture and Record Discord Voice Audio in OBS Studio

Discord is an incredibly popular voice chat app used by millions of gamers, streamers, and online communities. With features like excellent sound quality, low latency, channel organization, and cross-platform support, it’s easy to see why Discord has become the go-to communication tool for so many people.

If you stream on Twitch or make videos for YouTube, you likely want to capture and record the conversations happening in your Discord channels as well. This allows your viewers to hear your teammates, guests, or community members that you’re chatting with.

The good news is that capturing and recording Discord audio with OBS Studio is straightforward thanks to the software’s flexible audio capturing capabilities. As an expert streamer and content creator myself, I’ll walk you through step-by-step how to setup Discord audio capture in OBS Studio.


Before we get started, make sure you have the following:

  • OBS Studio installed on your Windows, Mac, or Linux PC
  • Discord installed and an account setup
  • A microphone and/or headset connected to your PC
  • Desktop audio output enabled within OBS Studio

If you haven’t used OBS before, I highly recommend watching a beginner tutorial first to understand scenes, sources, audio monitoring, etc. With that foundation, capturing Discord will be much easier.

Step 1: Configure Discord Settings

The first thing we need to do is setup Discord so that OBS can “hear” the conversations.

  1. Open your Discord settings
  2. Go to Voice & Video
  3. Scroll down and enable “Advanced Voice Activity”

This setting is critical because it allows OBS to pick up the individual voices in your call rather than capturing Discord as one mixed audio track.

Step 2: Add Audio Output Capture Source

Now we’ll setup the OBS Studio audio capture source for Discord.

  1. Launch OBS Studio
  2. In the Sources panel, click the + (Add) button
  3. Select Audio Output Capture
  4. Name the source “Discord”
  5. Select your desktop audio output device

And that’s it! The Discord audio output is now being captured as its own source in OBS.

Step 3: Configure Audio Monitoring

To hear the conversations from Discord in your headset while using OBS, we need to enable audio monitoring.

  1. Go to Edit > Advanced Audio Properties
  2. Check the “Monitor” box for the Discord source
  3. Adjust the monitoring volume if needed

You should now hear Discord audio played back in sync with OBS. Monitor other sources like your mic too.

Step 4: Mix and Record Audio

Now in the OBS Audio Mixer, you can tweak the volume levels of the Discord capture along with your mic, game sound, music, etc. Once levels are dialed in, start your recording or stream!

The Discord audio will be saved directly in your OBS local recordings or VODs along with all your other audio sources.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

Here are some additional tips for capturing Discord audio like a pro:

  • Use hotkeys to mute Discord quickly while live
  • Add filters like Noise Suppression to optimize sound quality
  • Create multiple Discord captures for separation
  • Monitor audio in headphones to check levels
  • Record locally to test before going live
  • Ask permission from those in your call before recording

I hope this guide covers everything you need to know about setup up Discord audio capture with OBS Studio! Let me know if you have any other questions.

With OBS Studio’s flexible audio options and Discord’s high quality voice chat, you have all the tools to take your live streams and videos to the next level. Have fun and happy streaming!