How To Enable and Use Proximity Voice Chat in Online Multiplayer Game Among Us

What is Proximity Voice Chat?

Proximity voice chat is a feature in Among Us that allows players to talk to each other verbally while in-game. It makes use of spatial audio technology so that you can only hear other players who are close to your character. The closer they are, the louder you will be able to hear them.

This adds an extra layer of suspense and strategy to the game. You’ll be able to overhear other players’ conversations from around corners or through walls, allowing you to gather intel and make more informed voting decisions during meetings.

Why Use Proximity Chat?

Here are some of the key benefits of using proximity chat in Among Us:

  • Makes the game more immersive and intense
  • Allows for more complex strategies and gameplay
  • Lets you secretly spy on other players’ conversations
  • Creates funny and chaotic situations
  • Overall a very fun way to shake up the regular game

How to Enable Proximity Chat

For PC Players

Enabling proximity chat on PC requires installing a third-party mod called CrewLink. Here are the steps:

  1. Download the latest version of CrewLink from the GitHub page.
  2. Run the CrewLink installer and follow the setup prompts.
  3. Launch CrewLink after installation.
  4. Click on “Open Game” which will launch Among Us via Steam.
  5. Make sure voice activity is enabled in Among Us settings.

That’s it! As long as all players in the lobby have CrewLink installed, proximity chat will be enabled.

For Mobile Players

Unfortunately there is currently no way to enable proximity chat on mobile versions of Among Us. The CrewLink mod only works on the PC edition.

However, some mobile players use speakerphone and place their phones together in the middle of the table to simulate proximity chat. This makes voices louder or quieter based on how close someone is to the phones.

How to Use Proximity Chat

Once proximity chat is enabled, here are some tips for using it effectively in Among Us:

  • Speak clearly and loudly enough for nearby players to hear you.
  • Whisper when you want to stay hidden from players who are further away.
  • Strategically move around the map to listen in on others’ conversations.
  • Use information you overhear to make informed voting choices.
  • Pretend to do tasks while secretly listening to players who pass by.
  • Hide in vents to hear conversations happening in other rooms.

Troubleshooting Problems

Here are some common proximity chat issues and how to fix them:

Can’t hear some players

  • Make sure CrewLink is allowed past firewalls and antivirus software.
  • Try restarting your game and CrewLink app.

Hearing robotic voices or static

  • Change your CrewLink server region to find a more stable connection.

Players can’t hear you

  • Check that your mic is enabled in CrewLink settings and working properly in other apps.

Proximity chat cuts out during meetings

  • This is expected behavior as the mod prioritizes letting you talk to nearby players.


Adding proximity chat takes Among Us to the next level by creating a more immersive, strategic, and intense experience. Following this setup guide, you’ll be able to enable voice chat and start using this fun mod during your games.

Just remember to use proximity chat responsibly! Spying on others and metagaming can ruin the fun.

Let me know if you have any other questions!