How to Change Your Default Chat Color Theme in Kik Messenger App

Kik Messenger is a popular messaging app that allows users to chat with friends and family. One of the best features of Kik is the ability to customize your chats with different color themes. Changing up your chat’s look is easy and can be done right from the app.

Benefits of Customizing Your Kik Chat Theme

Here are some of the benefits of customizing your chat theme on Kik:

  • Makes your chats more personal and fun
  • Allows you to express your style
  • Helps distinguish group chats
  • Gives your eyes a break with dark mode
  • Shows off premium themes (if purchased)

Having the option to modify your chat’s background theme gives users a chance to showcase a bit of flair and personality. It’s an simple way to change up the look of your conversations.

How to Change Chat Color Theme on Android

Changing your default chat theme on Kik for Android devices only takes a few taps:

  1. Open the Kik app
  2. Tap on the chat you want to change the theme of
  3. Tap on the username/group name at the top of the chat screen
  4. Select “Change Chat Theme”
  5. Browse the theme options and tap on your desired theme
  6. Hit “Set Theme” to apply the selected look

And that’s it! The chat theme will switch to your chosen style. You can customize each individual chat with a separate color theme if you wish.

Purchasing Premium Themes

In addition to the free themes, Kik also offers premium themes for purchase with Kin coins. Here’s how to get them:

  1. Tap the “+” icon in the main chat list
  2. Choose “Visit Kin Marketplace”
  3. Browse the premium themes and select the one you want
  4. Tap “Buy” and confirm the purchase
  5. Return to the chat list and change the theme as shown above

The premium, paid themes offer more unique and vibrant designs to take your chat’s style up another level.

Changing Chat Themes on iPhone

Customizing chat themes works similarly on iPhones as well:

  1. Launch the Kik app
  2. Select the conversation you want to modify
  3. Tap on the username/group chat name
  4. Choose “Change Chat Theme”
  5. Browse and pick a theme
  6. Confirm by tapping “Select”

And you’re done! The chat theme will be updated to display your selected color/style. Feel free to set different themes for each conversation on your Kik app.

Fun Theme Ideas to Try

Here are some fun Kik chat theme ideas to try out:

  • Hearts – Show some love with this vibrant red hearts pattern
  • Pizza – For late night conversations about your favorite food
  • Unicorns – Embrace the magic with this sparkly mystical theme
  • Night Sky – Set a relaxing mood with this dark blue night aesthetic
  • Tie Dye – Groovy, man! Rock out with this 70’s inspired swirly theme
  • Polka Dots – Keep it playful with bold, colorful spots

Don’t be afraid to get creative and bold with your chat themes. Change them frequently to keep things fresh.

Customizing Other Aspects of Chats

Along with background colors, Kik also allows you to customize other elements of your chats:

  • Chat Wallpaper – Set a custom background photo for each conversation
  • Text Bubble Style – Change the shape and design of chat bubbles
  • Text Font & Size – Modify the font stylings of your sent messages

So feel free to tweak the wallpaper, chat bubbles, and text as you please. Combine all these options with chat themes for a fully personalized messaging experience.

Tips for Using Chat Themes

  • Change up your theme once a week or every few days
  • Use darker themes at night to reduce eye strain
  • Assign different themes to group chats to differentiate them
  • Match themes to moods or events
  • Display your favorite colors proudly
  • Ask chat members which theme they prefer
  • Keep themes playful and positive
  • Avoid overly bright, distracting colors


Part of what makes Kik such a fun messaging app is the ability to fully tailor your chats with color themes and other customizations. It only takes seconds to change the look of any conversation to your liking. So get creative and switch your themes frequently to keep your messaging aesthetic fresh!