How to Check and Determine Who is Blocking Your Phone Calls

Getting blocked calls can be frustrating and leave you wondering who is blocking your number. Thankfully, there are several ways to check and determine if someone has blocked your calls. As a telecommunications expert with over 10 years of experience, I have helped many clients uncover blocked callers. This comprehensive guide outlines various methods to identify blocked numbers so you can understand why your calls are not going through.

Check if Your Number is Blocked on an iPhone

If you suspect someone with an iPhone has blocked your number, follow these steps:

  • Call the number from another phone – If the call goes straight to voicemail or rings endlessly, your number is likely blocked. However, keep in mind some people simply don’t answer calls from numbers they don’t recognize.
  • Text the number – Try sending a text message to the number. If your text bounces back or doesn’t deliver, it’s a sign you have been blocked.
  • Use online tools – Websites like Should I Answer? can instantly check if a number has blocked you by attempting to call it. The tools will indicate if your call was rejected or unable to connect.

Identify Blocked Numbers on Android Phones

To determine if an Android user has blocked you:

  • Check your call history – If your call doesn’t appear in your own call history, it likely didn’t go through because you were blocked.
  • Look for “Blocked” notification – Many Android phones show “Blocked” or “Caller ID blocked” when you call a number that has blocked you.
  • Try adding a contact – Attempt to add the number to your contacts. If you get an error saying the number is invalid, chances are you have been blocked.

See All Numbers You Have Blocked

You can also view a list of all numbers you have personally blocked on your iPhone or Android device:

On iPhone

  • Go to Settings > Phone > Blocked Contacts

On Android

  • Go to Settings > Block numbers

This will show you any numbers that you have proactively blocked yourself.

Use Your Phone Carrier to Check

Most phone carriers can determine if a specific number is blocking your calls:

  • Contact customer support – Call your phone carrier and provide them the number you think has blocked you. Most carriers can instantly check their networks.
  • Try online account portal – Sign into your account on your carrier’s website. Some carriers let you view blocked numbers there.

Keep in mind carriers can only identify numbers that are blocking calls from going into their networks. If you and the blocked caller use different carriers, this method may not work.

Advanced Techniques to Confirm Blocked Callers

For extra confirmation, try these more advanced techniques:

  • Use a second phone – Borrow a friend or family member’s phone and call the suspected blocked number from it. If the call goes through normally, your number is likely blocked specifically.
  • Spoof your caller ID – Telecom apps like SpoofCard let you temporarily display a different number when making calls. Try spoofing your caller ID to something generic like “123-456-7890”. If the spoofed call goes through but your regular number doesn’t, that’s a clear sign of a blocked caller.
  • Check social media – If the suspected blocked contact is someone you follow on social media, check if they have posted anything about blocking calls or numbers recently. Sometimes people openly talk about blocking exes or spam callers.

Next Steps if You Have Been Blocked

If you confirm someone has blocked your number, consider these next actions:

  • Respect their decision – Avoid continuously calling or finding ways around the blockade. Harassment will only make things worse.
  • Send an email/letter – Politely communicate that you noticed your calls are blocked and wish to resolve any outstanding issues. Keep messages professional and mature.
  • Try another contact method – See if you can message them through another medium like SMS, messaging apps, or mutual connections.
  • Move forward – Ultimately you may need to accept that this person does not wish to communicate right now. Give them space and focus energy on more positive relationships.