How to Choose and Set a Custom Nickname in Discord Server

Discord allows users to set custom nicknames to identify themselves on servers. Nicknames enable you to choose a name specific to each server without changing your global username.

As a Discord user since 2019, I will share my expertise on choosing an appropriate nickname and setting it up across devices.

Why Set a Nickname on Discord?

Here are some key reasons to use a custom nickname on Discord servers:

  • Customize your identity in each server – Your global username is the same across all servers. A nickname lets you set a unique name per server based on the purpose or your role.
  • Privacy – If you want to maintain some anonymity, a nickname hides your global username.
  • Roleplaying games – When participating in RPG servers, a custom nickname lets you take on an in-game persona.
  • Professional networks – Set a nickname with your real name to network professionally rather than using your gaming handle.

Best Practices For Choosing a Nickname

When picking a nickname to use on a Discord server, follow these best practices:

  • Consistency – If representing a business, use the same nickname across all servers for brand consistency.
  • Brevity – Nicknames have a 32-character limit. Keep it short and memorable.
  • Appropriateness – No offensive or NSFW nicknames that violate Discord’s terms.
  • Purpose – Align to the server’s purpose and your role within it.

How to Change Nickname on Desktop

Follow these simple steps to change your nickname in a Discord server on desktop:

  1. Join the server you want to update nickname in
  2. Right-click your username in the member list
  3. Select “Edit Server Profile”
  4. Type new nickname and click “Save Changes”

Your updated nickname now displays in that server’s member list and chat messages.

Setting a Nickname on Mobile

To configure your nickname on mobile:

  1. Tap the server name at the top
  2. Tap “Change Nickname”
  3. Enter new nickname
  4. Tap “Save”

Using the /nick Command

An even quicker way to change nicknames in Discord is using the built-in /nick slash command in any server chat:

/nick NewNickname

After hitting Enter, your nickname will be changed on that server.

Permissions For Changing Nicknames

By default, Discord allows members to tweak their own nicknames. Server admins can remove this ability though custom permission settings.

To check if you can set a nickname:

  1. Go to Server Settings > Roles
  2. Review permissions for your roles

If “Change Nickname” is enabled, then you can set a custom nickname.

Setting Different Nicknames Across Servers

A key benefit of nicknames in Discord is having a unique name per server to match your purpose. For example:

  • Gaming server – your gamertag
  • Work server – first name
  • Community server – alias

To manage nicknames in all your servers:

  1. Click your profile icon
  2. Select “Server Profiles”
  3. View and edit nicknames for each server


Discord nicknames enable full customization of your identity across the servers you join. Align your nickname to each community for privacy, roleplaying, or brand consistency.

Follow the best practices shared here for choosing an appropriate nickname. Use the desktop and mobile steps to easily configure nicknames on every server you join.

Let me know if you have any other questions!