How To Claim an Inactive or Suspended TikTok Username

Having the right username on TikTok is crucial for establishing your brand and increasing discoverability. However, finding that your ideal username is taken by an inactive account can be frustrating. Fortunately, with the right approach, you may be able to claim an inactive or suspended TikTok username.

Why Your TikTok Username Matters

Your TikTok username serves multiple important purposes:

  • Branding: A memorable username makes it easier for viewers to find and recall your brand.
  • Discoverability: Users search for content on TikTok using usernames. A good username improves your chances of being discovered.
  • Engagement: Viewers can @ mention your username to interact with you, driving engagement.
  • Consistency: Having the same username across platforms strengthens your brand identity.

Claiming your preferred inactive username can help achieve these goals.

TikTok’s Inactive Account Policy

TikTok may free up an inactive username if the associated account has had no activity for 180 consecutive days. This provides an avenue for claiming desired usernames tied to inactive accounts.

However, there’s no way to confirm if or when an inactive account’s username will become available again. You need to use other methods to claim an inactive username.

Steps To Claim an Inactive TikTok Username

Here are the top strategies for claiming an inactive or suspended TikTok username:

1. Contact The Account Holder

If you can identify the inactive account holder on other platforms like Instagram or Twitter, send them a polite message asking if they’d be willing to change their TikTok username. Offering them fair compensation can also help convince them.

2. File An Official Claim

Submit an official claim to TikTok if you have the trademark rights to the inactive username. Outline why you need that specific username and provide supporting documents.

3. Use A Username Monitoring Service

Services like HandleMonitor can track the availability of inactive usernames and alert you instantly if they become vacant again. This automates the claiming process.

4. Try Unique Username Variations

Since inactive usernames may never get released, try creative variations by adding relevant words or characters until you find something available.

Tips For Choosing The Right TikTok Username

As you try claiming your ideal username, keep these tips in mind while selecting alternatives:

  • Simplicity: Choose a username that is short, simple, and easy to remember.
  • Relevance: Incorporate relevant keywords related to your niche or brand name.
  • Creativity: Sprinkle in creative characters, hyphens, numbers if your first choice isn’t available.
  • Personality: Infuse your username with your personal flair or brand personality.
  • Consistency: Opt for a username aligned with your handles on other platforms.

Handling Username Claim Rejections

If your official claim gets rejected, focus your efforts on building your brand with the current available username. Continuously produce quality content to keep growing your followers. Over time, this can prompt the inactive account holder to voluntarily give up the username.

You can also try negotiating or purchasing the inactive username if you manage to identify and contact its holder. Otherwise, brainstorm fresh, creative alternatives and move forward.


Claiming your ideal TikTok username can tremendously benefit your brand identity and growth. While inactive usernames may eventually get freed up, focus first on producing engaging content rather than waiting indefinitely.

Consider contacting inactive account holders, filing official claims, or using monitoring tools to get alerts on vacant usernames. With persistence and creativity, you can find an available username that aligns with your brand.

The most crucial step is to not lose sight of your core goal – building an audience and making quality videos. An optimized username amplifies discovery, but compelling content is what ultimately drives success on TikTok.

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