How to Connect Your Wyze Security Camera to a Phone

Connecting your Wyze security camera to your phone allows you to view live footage from anywhere using the Wyze app. It only takes a few minutes to set up. Follow this simple guide to get your Wyze cam connected to your phone.

What You Need

  • A Wyze security camera
  • The Wyze app installed on your phone (available for Android and iOS)
  • Your phone connected to your 2.4GHz WiFi network
  • Your Wyze cam plugged in and powered on

Steps to Connect

1. Create a Wyze Account

  • Open the Wyze app on your phone
  • Tap “Create New Account”
  • Enter your email address and create a password
  • Verify your email address

2. Add Your Wyze Cam

  • In the Wyze app, tap the “+” icon
  • Select your cam model (Wyze Cam v2, Wyze Cam v3, etc.)
  • Tap “Set Up”
  • Point your phone’s camera at the QR code on the bottom of your Wyze cam
  • Give your cam a name (like “Front Door” or “Backyard”)
  • Select your WiFi network and enter the password

3. Position Your Camera

  • Place your Wyze cam where you want to set up surveillance
  • Ideally point the cam so the area you want to monitor is in frame
  • Your Wyze cam works best indoors and also outside under an overhang to protect it from the weather

4. Enable Notifications

  • In the Wyze app, go to the cam settings
  • Tap Notifications
  • Toggle notifications on for Motion Detection
  • Adjust motion sensitivity if needed

And that’s it! Your Wyze cam will now record video when motion is detected and send notifications to your phone.

Connecting Multiple Wyze Cams

Adding extra Wyze cams to cover more areas is easy. Just follow the steps below:

  • Tap the “+” icon in your Wyze app
  • Select the cam model
  • Scan the QR code with your phone
  • Name the cam
  • Choose your WiFi network

All your Wyze cams will appear in the Wyze app. You can view live footage from all cameras in one spot.

Advanced Features

Your Wyze cams have other features besides basic motion detection:

  • 2-Way Audio – Talk through the Wyze cam using your phone
  • Timelapse – Create a sped-up timelapse video from footage
  • Alert Videos – Get alert videos sent to your phone when motion is detected
  • Alexa & Google Assistant – View camera footage with voice commands

And more features are continually added through app updates.

Wyze Cam Placement Tips

Strategically placing your Wyze cams can give you better security coverage:

  • Point cameras covering entryways slightly outward to catch visitors’ faces
  • Angle overhead views straight down to cover a large area
  • Use multiple cams to cover large spaces from all angles
  • Adjust motion zones to reduce unwanted alerts from trees or roads
  • Mount cameras securely using included hardware

Troubleshooting Problems

If you’re having issues getting your Wyze cam connected:

  • No Signal Error – Move your camera closer to your router
  • Can’t Connect to WiFi – Make sure you entered the correct WiFi password during setup
  • Notifications Not Working – Check notification settings and motion detection zones
  • Video Loading Slow – Your phone’s data connection may be slow; view over WiFi instead

Still having problems? Contact Wyze support for troubleshooting tips.