How to Construct Beehive Blocks and Farm Honey in Minecraft

As an experienced Minecraft player and beekeeper, I will provide a detailed guide on constructing beehive blocks and establishing a honey farm in Minecraft.

Finding and Transporting Bees

The first step is locating bees. Bees naturally spawn in plains, sunflower plains, forest, and flower forest biomes. Look for nests hanging from oak or birch trees. Once found:

  • Craft shears using 2 iron ingots
  • Equip shears and harvest the nest when the honey level reaches 5 to get honeycomb
  • Use silk touch enchantment when breaking nests to transport bees

Tip: Place a campfire under the nest before breaking to pacify the bees.

Constructing an Apiary

You need to build an apiary to house your bees. The main components are:


  • Craft by placing 6 wood planks (any type) in two rows and 3 honeycombs in the middle row


  • Nearby flowers are essential for bees to pollinate and produce honey
  • Plant an enclosed flower field near your apiary

Transporting and Breeding Bees

To populate your beehives:

  • Transport bees by equipping leads or flowers
  • Breed bees by feeding 2 adults flowers, new bees spawn every 5 minutes
  • Hives can house 3 bees max

Harvesting Honey

  • Place campfire underneath hive
  • Use shears on full hives to get honeycomb and honey bottles
  • Honey bottles can cure poison or craft into honey blocks

I built a successful automated bee farm on a multiplayer server by following these key steps. With a thriving bee population, you’ll have a steady honey production in no time!

Detailed Step-by-Step Instructions

Here is a more detailed walkthrough for constructing beehives and establishing a honey farm:

1. Find Bees

  • Travel to plains, forest, flower forest
  • Look for bee nests under trees
  • Can also grow oak/birch saplings near flowers

2. Gather Materials

You’ll need:

  • Wood (any type)
  • Silk touch shears (2 iron ingots)
  • Campfire
  • Glass bottles


  • Leads (slimeball + string)
  • Flowers

3. Build Bee Enclosures

  • Construct beehives (6 wood planks + 3 honeycombs)
  • Build apiary structure to house hives
  • Add an enclosed flower field nearby

4. Transport Bees


  • Silk touch nest while bees are inside
  • Lure bees by holding flowers
  • Attach leads to adult bees

Take bees to placed beehives in apiary.

5. Breed Bees

  • Feed 2 adult bees flowers
  • New bees spawn every 5 minutes
  • Hives house max 3 bees each

6. Harvest Honey

  • Place campfire under full hives
  • Use shears to safely extract honey/honeycomb
  • Glass bottles get you honey bottles

Over time, you will get sustainable honey production from a thriving bee colony. Follow these steps and you’ll become a successful beekeeper!

Tips for an Efficient Honey Farm

Here are some additional tips:

  • Build tunnels between hives so bees can access flowers
  • Place multiple hives close together
  • Mix and match hive types for aesthetic appeal
  • Automate harvesting process with hoppers and chests
  • Ensure proper lighting so bees can access hives at night

With some trial and error, you’ll have a smooth-running bee operation in your Minecraft world. Good luck building your apiary!

Let me know if you have any other questions. As an avid Minecraft player and beekeeper, I’m happy to provide more guidance on keeping bees and harvesting honey.