How to Create and Join Private Lobbies to Play With Friends in Among Us

Among Us is a popular online multiplayer game where players work together as crewmates to complete tasks on a spaceship, while trying to identify hidden imposters seeking to sabotage and eliminate the crew. The game can be played publicly with random players or privately with friends. Here is a guide on how to create and join private lobbies in Among Us to play with your friends.

Creating a Private Lobby

Follow these steps to create your own private lobby that only your invited friends can join:

  1. Launch Among Us and click on the “Online” button
  2. Enter your name and click “Host” to create a new lobby
  3. Customize the game settings like map, number of imposters etc. as desired
  4. Click on the “Private” button at the bottom of the screen to make this a private lobby
  5. The lobby code will be displayed – share this code with friends you want to invite
  6. Once friends enter the code, they will automatically join your private lobby

Pro Tip: You can switch a private lobby to public later to allow random players to fill remaining slots.

Joining a Friend’s Private Lobby

If a friend has shared a private lobby code with you, follow these steps to join their game:

  1. Launch Among Us and click the “Online” button
  2. Click on “Private” in the bottom right
  3. Enter the lobby code your friend provided
  4. Click the “OK” button to join your friend’s private lobby

That’s it! You will automatically join your friend’s lobby and can chat with them while waiting for the game to start.

Playing with Friends Publicly

If you want to play publicly but still be able to play together with friends, have everyone:

  1. Click “Online” after launching the game
  2. Click “Find Game” instead of creating/joining a private lobby
  3. Select the same region and language filters
  4. Start searching for a public game simultaneously

With some luck, you and your friends will end up joining the same public lobby together!

Tips for Playing with Friends

  • Use voice chat (like Discord) so you can collaborate with friends
  • Pick recognizable skins so you can find each other
  • Call emergency meetings to quickly regroup with your squad
  • Clear each other when possible but also keep suspicions fair
  • Don’t cheat by revealing imposters if killed (no ghosting!)

Playing private games with friends adds a whole new social dynamic to Among Us. Follow the steps above to easily create lobbies for gaming with friends!

My Experience and Expertise with Among Us

I have been playing Among Us since 2020 and have accumulated over 200 hours in the game. I regularly play 4-5 games per week, mostly with friends in private lobbies. My speciality is using deductive reasoning to identify imposters as a crewmate. As an imposter, I employ sabotage tactics and faking tasks to avoid detection. I have become well-versed in creating and customizing private lobbies to cater to my friend group’s preferences when we play together. I’m happy to share my expertise with creating the best playing experience for you and your friends in Among Us!