How to Create Cars in Garry’s Mod Game

Garry’s Mod (GMod) is a sandbox physics game that allows players to manipulate objects and experiment with physics. One popular activity in GMod is creating custom vehicles like cars. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make cars in Garry’s Mod:

Gather Necessary Materials

To build a car, you first need to gather some basic materials:

  • Chassis – This forms the base frame of the car. Spawn a large prop like a wooden crate to use as a chassis.
  • Wheels – You need at least 4 wheels. Spawn wheel props under the Construction category.
  • Seats – Spawn prop_vehicle_prisoner_pod to create seats.
  • Engine – Spawn an engine prop or use addons to generate an engine.
  • Body Panels – Spawn additional props as body panels to cover the chassis.

Attach the Wheels

Once you have the chassis and wheels ready:

  • Position the chassis prop horizontally using the physics gun.
  • Freeze the chassis midair so it stays in place.
  • Use the physics gun to spawn the 4 wheels near the 4 corners.
  • Make sure the wheels are aligned properly and can rotate freely.
  • Weld the wheels to the chassis using the Weld tool.

Add Seats

To allow players to drive the car:

  • Spawn and place prop_vehicle_prisoner_pod to create seats.
  • Weld the seats to the chassis. Align it with the driver’s position.
  • Optionally spawn more pods to create passenger seats.

Install the Engine

The engine provides power to make the wheels spin:

  • Spawn an engine prop and place it inside the chassis.
  • Use addons like the Engine Creator to generate a custom engine.
  • Make sure all the parts connect. The wheels must spin when the engine runs.
  • Use the Thruster tool to provide driving power.

Add Body Panels

To complete the looks of the car:

  • Spawn additional props as body panels around the chassis.
  • Adjust their size and orientation to fit.
  • Weld the panels to the chassis.
  • Paint colors using the toolgun.
  • Make panels transparent if needed so the chassis is still visible.

Additional Tips

  • Use the Wheel tool to steer front wheels.
  • Add weight to improve traction and handling.
  • Use E2 chips or Expression 2 to script advanced logic.
  • Enable collision detection for realistic crashes.
  • Add custom textures using materials and models.
  • Install addons for extra functionality like turbo, launch control, etc.
  • Publish on the Steam Workshop for others to download.


Fix common issues using these tips:

  • Verify game cache integrity to fix missing files errors.
  • Check for conflicting addons causing crashes or glitches.
  • Reinstall problematic addons or update to latest versions.
  • Run the game with minimum addons to isolate issues.

So in summary, making vehicles in Garry’s Mod requires creativity and physics manipulation using the available tools and props. With some practice, you can design and build all kinds of custom vehicles for fun or to use in gameplay modes like racing and deathmatch. The Steam Workshop houses thousands of player-created cars and other contraptions that you can download and drive. Building your own ride makes for an enjoyable sandbox experience.