How to Create Custom Sticker Packs for Telegram Messaging App

Key Takeaways

  • Creating custom sticker packs for Telegram is a simple process that allows you to express creativity and personalize your messaging experience.
  • You can make static, animated, or video stickers using image editing tools and upload them to Telegram via the @Stickers bot.
  • Custom sticker packs can be used for personal expression or commercial purposes like promoting a brand or business.


Telegram’s open platform for stickers and emoji allows users to create, send, and share custom artwork, making messaging more fun and expressive. Whether you’re an avid Telegram user looking to add a personal touch or a business owner wanting to promote your brand, creating custom sticker packs is a great way to achieve your goals. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through the process step-by-step, covering everything from design tips to uploading and publishing your stickers.

Creating Sticker Artwork

The first step in making custom Telegram stickers is to create the artwork itself. You can use any image editing software that allows you to export in PNG, WEBP, or WEBM formats, depending on the type of sticker you want to create.

Static Stickers

For static stickers, you’ll need to create PNG or WEBP files with a transparent background. Here are some tips for designing effective static stickers:

  • Keep the design simple and clear.
  • Use your brand’s colors and logos for commercial stickers.
  • Add a white stroke and black shadow effect to make the sticker stand out.[3]
  • Ensure the sticker fits within a 512×512 pixel square, with at least one side being 512 pixels.[3]

Animated Stickers

Animated stickers must be in TGS format, created using the Bodymovin-TG plugin for Adobe After Effects. They have a maximum size of 64KB, dimensions of 512×512 pixels, frame rate of 30-60 FPS, and a maximum duration of 3 seconds.[3]

Video Stickers

Video stickers should be in WEBM format with VP9 and alpha channel encoding for transparency. They have a maximum size of 256KB, dimensions of 512×512 pixels (with at least one side being 512 pixels), a frame rate of 30 FPS, and a maximum duration of 3 seconds.[3]

Uploading and Publishing Stickers

Once you’ve created your sticker artwork, it’s time to upload and publish them on Telegram. This process is automated thanks to the @Stickers bot, which will guide you through the steps.

  1. Open the Telegram app and search for “@Stickers” to start a new conversation with the bot.[4]
  2. Send the command /newpack for static stickers, /newanimated for animated stickers, or /newvideo for video stickers.[3]
  3. Send a name for your sticker pack when prompted.
  4. Upload your sticker files one by one, and assign an emoji that represents each sticker.[1][2]
  5. Once all stickers are uploaded, send the /publish command.[3]
  6. (Optional) Upload a 100×100 pixel icon for your sticker pack in PNG or WEBP format.[3]
  7. Send a short name for your sticker pack, which will be included in the shareable URL.[2]
  8. The bot will provide you with a link to your published sticker pack. Share this link with others to let them add your stickers.[2]

Best Practices for Commercial Sticker Packs

If you’re creating sticker packs for commercial purposes, such as promoting your business or brand, there are a few best practices to keep in mind:

  • Use your brand’s colors, logos, and visual elements to make the stickers recognizable.[1]
  • Create stickers that convey emotions or messages relevant to your brand or products.[1]
  • Keep the designs simple and easy to understand for your target audience.[1]
  • Consider using humor or cleverness that aligns with your brand’s values and image.[1]
  • Gather user feedback and iterate on your sticker pack based on what works well.[1]

By following these tips, you can create engaging and effective sticker packs that help promote your brand and connect with your audience.


Creating custom sticker packs for Telegram is a fun and creative way to personalize your messaging experience or promote your brand. With the right design tools and the help of the @Stickers bot, the process is straightforward and accessible to anyone. So why not give it a try and start expressing yourself or your brand in a unique and engaging way?[1][3][4]