How to Create Member Supergroups With Expanded Features in Telegram

Telegram is a popular messaging app known for its security, speed, and robust features. One of Telegram’s standout features is supergroups – large groups that can have up to 200,000 members.

Upgrading from a regular Telegram group to a supergroup unlocks additional features and customization options. This allows you to better manage large communities on Telegram.

Benefits of Telegram Supergroups

Here are some of the key benefits of using supergroups on Telegram:

  • Increased member limit – Regular groups max out at 200 members. Supergroups can support up to 200,000 members.
  • Improved management – Supergroups provide more admin tools for managing large groups:
    • Appoint multiple admins with custom permissions
    • Moderate member content and behavior
    • Delete messages in bulk
    • Pin important announcements
    • Restrict member permissions as needed
  • Enhanced visibility – You can set a public username for the supergroup to help users find it.
  • Full chat history – New members can scroll back through the full message history.

How to Upgrade a Group to Supergroup

Upgrading a regular Telegram group to a supergroup is simple:

  1. Create a regular group – You must start by creating a normal Telegram group. Add members until you approach the 200 member limit.
  2. Access group settings – Open the group info pane by tapping the group name at the top of the chat screen. On Android, tap the ☰ menu icon. On iOS, tap the image or group name.
  3. Tap “Upgrade to Supergroup” – You will see this option once your group has over 100 members. The group is instantly converted to a supergroup.

Once you upgrade, you’ll notice the supergroup features and settings unlocked in your group info pane.

Managing Member Content

With great power comes great responsibility. Supergroups allow you to manage member content on a large scale:

  • Message moderation – Delete messages in bulk to remove spam or inappropriate content.
  • Restrict permissions – Limit what members are allowed to do in the supergroup like sending media or adding new members.
  • Ban members – Remove members who repeatedly violate your rules. Banned members cannot rejoin.
  • Slow mode – Limit how frequently members can send messages to control spam.
  • Read-only mode – Temporarily restrict all members to read-only permissions.

Use these tools responsibly to maintain a positive environment for your community.

Promoting Your Telegram Supergroup

A supergroup is only as good as its members. Promote your group to attract an engaged audience:

  • Set a public username – This creates a vanity URL that helps members find your public supergroup.
  • Share invite links – Telegram generates a custom link for members to join your private supergroup.
  • Cross-promote – Spread the word on your other social media accounts and messaging channels.
  • Engage members – Post regularly, set group rules, and interact with comments to retain members.

The more members you have engaging in your supergroup, the more valuable conversations it will host.

Creating Bots for Telegram Supergroups

Bots are Telegram accounts controlled programmatically. Developers can create custom bots to help automate tasks and provide services in supergroups:

  • Greeter bots welcome new members to the community
  • Moderator bots can filter content and ban members automatically
  • News bots send latest updates from other websites
  • Translation bots interpret messages into multiple languages
  • Quiz bots let members vote on polls and test their knowledge

Bots can make managing large supergroups much easier. And they bring more interactivity and fun!


Migrating your Telegram group to a supergroup opens up more organizational features to manage larger communities. Take advantage of the member limit increase, advanced admin tools, public visibility options, chat history, and integration with bots.

With best practices for promoting and moderating your supergroup, you can foster engaging discussions around niche topics with members all over the world.

Supergroups enable Telegram to serve not just as a messaging app, but as a platform to bring people together around shared interests.