How to Customize Chat Wallpaper Backgrounds in WhatsApp App


  • WhatsApp allows users to customize chat wallpaper backgrounds for individual chats or all chats.
  • On Android, go to Settings > Chats > Wallpaper and select from bright, dark, solid colors, or custom photos.
  • On iPhone, tap Settings > Chats > Chat Wallpaper and choose wallpaper library, solid colors, or photos.

Key Steps


  1. Open WhatsApp and tap the 3-dot menu icon
  2. Go to Settings > Chats > Wallpaper
  3. Select from bright, dark, solid colors, or tap “My Photos” to choose custom photo
  4. Adjust and set the wallpaper


  1. Open WhatsApp and tap Settings
  2. Go to Chats > Chat Wallpaper
  3. Choose Wallpaper Library, Solid Colors, or Photos
  4. Select wallpaper and adjust
  5. Tap Set

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