How to Customize Opera Browser’s Sleek Speed Dial Page

Opera’s Speed Dial feature is one of its most useful and popular capabilities. The Speed Dial page shows thumbnails of your frequently visited sites, allowing quick and easy access with just one click. With some customization, you can make your Speed Dial even more efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Add or Remove Sites

To add a site to your Speed Dial, simply navigate to the desired webpage and click the heart icon next to the URL in the address bar. This will add that page’s thumbnail to the next available spot on your Speed Dial.

To remove a site, right-click or ctrl-click its thumbnail and select “Remove.” You can also drag thumbnails around to rearrange their order however you like.

Create Folders

If your Speed Dial starts getting cluttered, create folders to organize groups of related sites. To make a folder, drag one thumbnail on top of another. A folder will be created containing both sites. You can rename the folder by right-clicking and choosing “Edit title.”

Continue dragging additional thumbnails into the folder to add more sites. Click the folder icon to expand it and access the sites within. Collapse it when you’re done to keep your Speed Dial tidy.

Change Thumbnails

Opera automatically grabs a thumbnail image from each site you add. But you can customize them to make sites easier to distinguish at a glance.

To change a thumbnail, navigate to the site in question. Click the heart icon in the address bar, then click the thumbnail preview image repeatedly until your preferred image appears. Thumbnails featuring the site’s logo, screenshots, or other images from the page may be available.

Set a Background Image

Opera’s default Speed Dial background is a simple gray gradient. Setting your own background image helps your Speed Dial stand out.

Right-click anywhere on the Speed Dial and select “Change background image.” You can choose an image from your computer or select from Opera’s catalog of premade backgrounds.

Consider a background that complements your selected thumbnails without obscuring them too much. Blurred nature photos or abstract designs often work nicely.

Adjust Columns and Zoom

Depending on your screen resolution, you may want to add or reduce the number of Speed Dial columns shown. More columns fit more sites without needing to scroll, while fewer columns make the thumbnails themselves larger.

To tweak the layout, click the settings icon in the top-right corner of the Speed Dial page. Under “Speed dial layout,” select your desired number of maximum columns.

While you’re at it, check out the zoom controls. Setting zoom to manual instead of automatic lets you make thumbnails bigger or smaller to suit your preferences.

Use Folders for Projects

An excellent way to utilize Speed Dial folders is to group sites related to specific projects. For example, create an “Online Course Resources” folder containing thumbnails linking to your school portal, Canvas pages, Zoom meetings, and Google Drive study notes.

Or make a “Trip Planning” folder with links to airline sites, hotel booking pages, local attractions, and maps. The convenience of one-click access makes folders super helpful for organizing research and planning.

Add Useful Extensions

Extensions are available that enhance Speed Dial functionality in various ways. Some noteworthy options:

  • FVD Speed Dial – Customize almost all aspects of the Speed Dial design
  • Speed Dial Utility – Provides advanced configuration options
  • Todoist for Speed Dial – Embed a Todoist task list right on your Speed Dial

Take some time to explore the range of available extensions to see if any might boost your productivity or enjoyment.

Sync Across Devices

If you sign into your Opera account and enable synchronization, your customized Speed Dial configuration will automatically sync across all devices where you use Opera. This keeps your favorite site shortcuts conveniently consistent everywhere.

Syncing also shares your open tabs, bookmarks, settings, and more. It’s a superb way to keep working seamlessly as you switch between phones, tablets, and computers.


Opera’s Speed Dial grants rapid access to frequently visited sites, boosting browsing efficiency. With some personalization like reordering, folders, backgrounds, and extensions, you can tailor it to suit your style and needs perfectly. Syncing ensures your fine-tuned setup is available anywhere.

Give your Speed Dial a makeover today. With these tips, you can transform that blank gray grid into an aesthetically pleasing, functionally optimized gateway to your web world. Surf smarter with a customized Speed Dial!